Where is Ivana Rodriguez Now?

The world knew Georgina Rodriguez only as of the girlfriend and baby mom of Cristiano Ronaldo. But, with the debut of “I am Georgina,” she has shown that she is so much more. 

This reality series, which partially uses short accounts from her closest friends, delves into her daily life as a friend, partner, mother, friend, and influencer. Georgina’s sister, Ivana Rodriguez, is also included. We have all the information you need to learn more about Ivana and her experiences.

Who is Ivana Rodriguez?

Ivana Rodriguez, the oldest of the sisters, has played a vital role in Georgina’s life. She was a guide, a teasing sibling, or just a solid support system. They grew up in the same beautiful, mountain-enveloped town near Spain’s French border.

Since then, they have been together for over a decade. Ivana loved watching Georgina’s tantrums about her dislike of school, but it was only for her to find some peace later. She also had a connection with her younger sister through their ballet lessons, which they both began very young.

While the sisters didn’t have much as children, they found happiness in being surrounded by family love and natural beauty. Their father spent 10 years in prison for a drug trafficking offense, and their mother died in a car crash in 2011.

This brought them closer. Ivana, Georgina, and their mother, Cristina, have been close friends for many years. They get to travel together and learn from each other’s experiences every day.

Ivana Rodriguez is missing

Ivana Rodriguez made it clear that her younger sister is someone she admires. So, it was no surprise that Georgina was there in Madrid and Turin with Georgina. She seems to have settled down in Spain with Carlos Garcia, a painter, and sculptor who is also a close friend of Cristiano Ronaldo. 

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We are happy to report that Ivana, who had been expecting their first child together in the summer of 2021, gave birth to Deva on November 26, 2021. Carlos’ daughter was introduced to the world through her Instagram account.

The beauty and health influencer also posted a picture of her daughter. submitted Partly, it reads, “We are very happy with our baby. This love is beyond words. Deva has made me a mother. 

I hope that she has everything she needs, so take care of her, and may God bless you both. Ivana thanked her partner for the “greatest thing… in the universe”, while also expressing her love for her, saying that they now need to adapt to the new and intimate journey of their lives.

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