Where is Jeff Lowe Now: Update & His Journey

The “Tiger King” series on Netflix began as a fascinating true-crime document series that focuses on the tussle between zookeeper Joe Exotic and activist for animal rights Carole Baskin, but it gradually incorporated other characters in addition. 

One of the most important characters is the former business associate, Jeff Lowe, who has claimed to have smashed all limits on earning money while having amusement with various women.

Season two of the show exposed Jeff Lowe as a con artist as well as a zookeeper. 

Let’s discover all we can about him, shall?

Jeff Lowe’s Tiger King Journey

Jeff Lowe was raised around big cats and other exotic creatures as a result of his father’s involvement with the Robbins Brothers Circus, which his grandfather founded in 1928.Exotic animals at a young age

He was said to have been captivated by the animals, which is why he decided to become an investor when he realized the financial difficulties Joe Exotic and his G.W. Zoo were in. 

In all likelihood, he’d made lots of cash from other ventures, including pet company liquidation stores, as well as the theft of cash from Citizens Opposed to Domestic Abuse charity, posing as an employee to redistribute donations.

When Joe was detained for his crimes, Jeff truly became the director of the animal center and decided that the time was right to move into Thackerville, Oklahoma. Even after the relationship that he had with Tim Stark fell to pieces, he continued with his ideas and called the newly constructed Zoo The Tiger King Park. 

But the construction was not complete until it was revealed that he was the defendant in the lawsuit, where Joe owed Carole Baskin $1 million, and the judge gave her the G.W. Zoo as payment. 

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Therefore, Jeff had no choice other than to pick up the animals and place them in tiny, temporary cages in the new

When Jeff and his wife Lauren were able to open the park to the public, federal officials took over to ensure that they did not violate the Endangered Species Act.

They relocated and removed the 68 lions, tigers (hybrids between lions and tigers), and one jaguar in May 2021. About two weeks afterward, the couple was detained for DUI allegations in addition. 

If that was not enough, the Netflix show also revealed that the infamous felon, who had previously choked his ex-wife and had many pending charges against him in Las Vegas, tried to get Joe Exotic killed before the plan to kill Carole had even been revealed.

Where is Jeff Lowe Now?

Today, even though Jeff Lowe claims to want Joe Exotic’s freedom to protect himself from any charges related to animal cruelty, he has been unwilling to speak out about Allen Glover’s accusations of wanting to murder his former partner to take him out of the equation.

In addition, Jeff is a wanted man in Las Vegas, where he is the subject of four bench warrants against him because he did not appear at the September court date. 

The hearing was about the unresolved charges of 2017 against Jeff for operating a business without the required authorization (one count) as well as not having an animal license (three counts).

Jeff and Lauren’s social media profiles suggest that things are going smoothly for their social media accounts.

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However, in addition to the things we’ve previously mentioned and beyond, their landlord has filed a lawsuit against the couple because of “non-payment on the property” in October 2021. 

They still owe cash due to their state of Oklahoma, which accuses them of not paying the necessary tax when they ran the G.W. Zoo. Zoo. Lowes has a proud family and appears very content in their private lives.

However, it appears that their legal problems, particularly Jeff’s, aren’t being resolved. 

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