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Where Is Johnathan McCarty Today?

The five-part documentary “Outcry” on Showtime is a story about the child sexual assault trial in a daycare center and the impact it had on the suspect, who was a former high school athlete named Greg Kelley. 

Even though the child, who was a 4-year-old boy, identified Greg as his abuser, and another child also made similar allegations, they later retracted their accusations. Greg Kelley maintained his innocence throughout his trial and eventual conviction.

The entire story was a saga of names. One name that was frequently employed was that of Johnathan McCarty.

Who is Johnathan Mccarty?

Johnathan McCarty was a former friend, classmate, and colleague of Greg Kelley. At the time that Greg was struggling with family issues, Johnathan had offered to let him stay in his house during the closing school year. 

The McCarty’s home-based daycare, run by the mother of Johnathan, where the attack took place, Of course, Johnathan was a possible suspect to the police, especially since the two Greg were very similar in appearance at the time.

However, when the person who was accused was named Greg Johnathan, he was not mentioned at all. Although Greg was sentenced to prison and found guilty, he maintained his innocence. 

So when he asked for a retrial, and the case was opened again, it turned out that, even though he resided at McCarty’s residence for the duration of 192 days, he hardly ever spent time there in comparison to Johnathan. 

At the pretrial hearing for Greg, there was evidence presented to show his innocence and pointed to Johnathan as the perpetrator. As an example, the child stated that his attacker had been wearing SpongeBob pajamas.

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Several witnesses claimed that Johnathan frequently dressed in such pajamas, sometimes even to school. Another factor that made people suspicious of Jonathan was his predisposition to something that could easily be described as p*rn for children. 

A digital examiner from forensics had discovered naked photos of children on his phone and computer, not like Greg’s and Jonathan’s, and posted photos of a dancing seven-year-old boy on his social media accounts with the caption “My dreamboat.”

It was later discovered that the incident had occurred in the same place that Johnathan was living. However, since there was no evidence to directly connect him to the incident, Jonathan was never arrested.

Where Is Johnathan McCarty Now?

In the year 2018, Johnathan McCarty was accused of the crime of sexual assault in a separate instance. The accusation stemmed from an incident that was alleged to have occurred in 2015.

It involved a teenage girl. The girl’s victim told the police that, at the age of fifteen, she attended an event held in San Marcos, where she believed Johnathan had put codeine in her soda. 

She said she “blacked out” and woke up in the bedroom shortly after the incident. A Texas Ranger was able to follow up and interview a number of witnesses. They learned that Johnathan was accused of raping and using drugs on several other women across four areas of Texas. 

His bail in that specific case is $100,000. In the wake of all this, at the beginning of 2019, Johnathan McCarty admitted guilt to the drug and unlawful restraint charges against him. He was sentenced to four years in prison.

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