Where is Miguel Moya Now?

Netflix’s “Cocaine Cowboys” documentary series, which consists of six episodes, examines how Miami has been filled with shady characters in the past. 

Although the main focus is on Salvador Magluta (a.k.a. “Sal”) Magluta, and Augusto Falcon (a.k.a. We also see the corruption at every level, from jurors to lawyers to police officers. Miguel Moya is a prime example of this. We have all the information you need to learn more about Miguel Moya.

Miguel Moya: Who are you?

Miguel Moya was a ramp mechanic at Miami International Airport in his 30s. His career took him to the top, but he had no roots. He was lucky to receive a jury notice in Willy and Sal’s drug case.

After that, the drug kingpins’ associates reached out and bribed him into fixing the trial. Miguel was given $500,000 cash in order to get a hung jury. He was able to get them all acquitted, working as a jury foreman, and remaining firm in his verdict, when the time came.

Miguel Moya started to spend in ways he shouldn’t have, given his job. This led to him being placed under federal scrutiny. The loss of Sal and Willy’s lawsuit was the most shocking incident for authorities.

They investigated every detail later. Miguel cleared his debts, stopped using the ATM, and bought a $171,000 house for his parents, cars, and boats. He also purchased a Rolex and a Rolex in cash, all within a matter of months. He had even made $84,000 in bank deposits and taken a vacation.

Miguel Moya is missing.

Miguel Moya was confronted by an intimidating-looking man in the parking lot of Miami International Airport’s employee-only area on a dark and fateful summer day in 1998. Miguel refused to believe that he was Sal’s associate. 

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The latter suggested that he had spent most, but the secret would be kept safe as he’d prefer to “take 20 years” in jail than implicate the people who paid him. Miguel had just confessed that he was an FBI undercover agent.

Miguel Moya was then arrested on federal charges of bribery and conspiracy, money laundering, obstruction, tax evasion, and conspiracy. The defense claimed that Moya had been using old illegal cash he and his cousin had obtained.

His first trial ended in a tie. His second trial, which he based on gambling, resulted in a jury conviction. Miguel was facing a maximum sentence of 138 years but spent nearly 20 years behind bars, 17 to be exact. Miguel was released from federal prison early on July 30, 2013. He has since preferred to remain out of the spotlight.

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