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Where is Patricia Burns’ Killer Clifford Burns Now?

In 2013, on Christmas Eve, a terrible thing happened at Patricia Burns’ house in Lake Luzerne, New York. Her estranged husband, Clifford Burns, killed her in front of two of her daughters.

This murder is one of three cases featured on the Investigation Discovery show “Signs of a Psychopath: Toxic.” Clifford, who later pleaded guilty, wanted to change his mind. So, let’s try to find out where Clifford might be.

Who is Clifford Burns?

Clifford was a businessman who met Patricia when she worked at a Dunkin Donuts drive-through window. They got married in 1997, and their two daughters, Autumn and Harley, were born after that.

Patricia also had a daughter named Megan Jenkins from a relationship she had before.

Clifford’s bad behavior caused the marriage to fall apart over time. Patricia was hit by him more than once.

As a child, Clifford saw his mother get hurt because his father was mean to her. After taking his mother hostage, his father killed himself in 1984.

Patricia wanted to get out of her marriage after more than 15 years of constant abuse. She then moved to Lake Luzerne and got her own apartment.

Patricia also got an order to keep Clifford away from her. On December 24, 2013, Patricia, who was 42 years old, was making dinner for herself and her two daughters when the doorbell rang.

A man in a mask broke in and started to attack Patricia. Megan tried to stop him, and during the fight, Clifford’s face was revealed when Megan pulled off his mask.

During the fight, Megan was also badly hurt, and Clifford repeatedly stabbed Patricia before running away.

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Autumn saw the whole thing, so she called 911 and screamed that her mother was bleeding to death on the floor. When Patricia got to the hospital later, she was already dead.

Clifford drove away from the police before he was caught. During his interview, he said he lost consciousness during the attack and didn’t mean to kill Patricia.

He was also mad at Patricia’s ex-boyfriend Ted Backus, who she went out with after she and Clifford broke up.

Ted was also accused of hitting Patricia, and he later admitted to a minor gun charge.

What happened to Clifford Burns?

The police found signs that the crime had been planned. Clifford left his daughters his things in a note that was left at his house. Part of the text message sent to Autumn on December 22 said, “I have a special gift coming soon, something everyone will talk about, and it will be hand-delivered on foot, not by car.” In April 2014, Clifford admitted that he had killed someone in the second degree.

But then Clifford said he wasn’t in the right mood to make that kind of plea. He was upset because he had just seen his daughters and said that he was forced to plead guilty.

Still, a judge gave him a sentence of 23 years to life in prison for killing Patricia. He was also told he couldn’t talk to Patricia’s three daughters until the year 2045.

He is still locked up at the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, New York, according to prison records. In 2036, he will be able to get out of jail.

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