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Where is Rob Hall’s Wife Kandi Hall Now?

The show “Til Death Do Us Part: Three Pops and a Pause” on Investigation Discovery is about two marriages that are falling apart and end with an affair and a fatal shootout. Rob Hall shot and killed Emmett Corrigan in Meridian, Idaho, in the parking lot of a pharmacy.

Emmett, who was also married, was having an affair with Rob’s wife, Kandi Hall. She was the only person who saw what happened between Rob and the other person. She testified at Rob’s trial. So, if you’re wondering what happened to her since then, here’s what we know!

Who is Kandi Hall?

Kandi and Rob had a rocky marriage at the time. She had told other people that Rob was mean to her and that he was also having an affair. Kandi’s coworker also said that Rob had hit Kandi before and left bruises on her.

Kandi, on the other hand, had an affair with Emmett just a few weeks after meeting him. She had also thought about ending her marriage to Rob. Emmett and Kandi went to a lawyer’s office on the day of the incident to ask about it. When Kandi got home from work on March 11, 2011, Rob was getting ready to leave the house.

Kandi then drove to the local pharmacy, where she met Emmett. She later admitted that she had sex with him in his car. But when Kandi was first questioned by the police, she said she had not been having an affair with Emmett.

Kandi testified at Rob’s trial. She said that Emmett and Rob had a fight and that Emmett was the one who was angry. She also said, “At that point, I was pretty much stuck.” I’m trapped. What am I going to say? I didn’t want to leave my husband, but I also didn’t want to lose my job or be with Emmett.

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But Kandi’s statements were not the same as what she told the police at first. The judge stated, “Frankly, any testimony by Ms. Hall, in my 31 years on the bench, I don’t think I’ve seen a witness more thoroughly discredited in the course of a proceeding.”

In the end, Rob and Kandi reconciled, and she stated that she was committed to her marriage. Rob was later sentenced to 30 years behind bars after being convicted of second-degree murder.

Where is Kandi Hall Now?

Kandi got in trouble with the law when she was caught stealing from her old employer in May 2011. She pleaded guilty to grand theft and computer fraud in 2012. Kandi was given a prison sentence of 14 years by a judge. Before she could get out of jail, she had to serve at least two years.

The judge then put her on a program called “retained jurisdiction,” which lets her spend six months in a treatment program at a prison. Kandi got out of jail in June 2014, but she will still be on probation until 2026. Kandi hasn’t been in the news much since then, so not much is known about where she is now.

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