Where Is Scopper Gaban Of Roger Pirates Crew?

The manga One Piece has just passed 1000 chapters and is currently on its 1006th. Its manga and anime are running for quite a while, giving viewers an interesting glimpse into the life of pirates. We’ve seen a variety of impressive characters that have super-cool skills. 

Although pirates appeared to be a risky group before, One Piece made us discover how incredible they can be. It’s not uncommon for One Piece characters to fight for honour, riches, and a variety of other reasons. It is appropriate to meet as many of our favourite characters to the very end as we can.

As we’ve already mentioned, One Piece has some amazing characters. Furthermore, it provides an unexpected twist for every character, which makes it more intriguing. 

However, there are some truly heartbreaking moments, particularly those where Oda decides to take down the potential heroes. Roger Pirates were one of the most popular characters among fans due to their cool personalities. 

Scopper Gaban, one of the greatest of the best, was left out of the series that had numerous mysteries. His latest chapter in One Piece comes out on the 14th of March in 2021 so be ready for another series of thrilling cliffhangers.

The first thing that pops into mind when you think of Scopper Gaban’s character is the location of his home? His identity has been a mystery for a long period. The character was in the shadows for quite a while. 

Oden’s recollections of a horrific attack on Roger Pirates included him in the flashbacks. Many of the fans were hoping for the return of Wano however, they did not receive any news until now.

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Scopper Gaban – Who was the Scopper Gaban?

Scopper Gaban was among the most powerful Roger Crew members.

Roger Crew was featured as a character in the “One Piece OVA”. The character is described as one with a very cheerful character and remains at peace. 

Gaban was shadowing for quite a while. We find out that he fought with Roger during his battle in the Battle of Edd War.

Gaban is also sporting an amazing weapon. In the Buggy flashback, the character is carrying an axe. 

He has two axes that create a character people would like to get to know more about. The fans have been waiting for his return for quite some time. 

There has been a myriad of theories regarding Gaban arriving to play Wano. These theories continued to increase in popularity since there has been a lot of attention on him in recent times. 

Additionally, Sanji has been widely acknowledged as a clone of Gaban and makes it appear like an upcoming plot twist.

Scopper Gaban Where is him? Is he still alive or dead?

Roger was the one who decided to break up the group. There were lots of tears when they parted. Then they let go of Oden at Wano.

Since Roger Pirates disbanded, there was no news on his location. This made Roger King of the Pirates, and he accepted. Pirate King, yet nothing is revealed about the presence of Scopper Gaban or his presence during his execution.

Scopper was always described as a strong character. 

I’m wondering whether Oda would never allow Scopper to be on the screen. 

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With the recent twist of events in the manga, and Luffy’s last battle with Kaido there is a chance that Gabba could show up. 

It’s merely speculation.

Scopper Gaban- Possible theories

Although Oda has not spoken extensively about his character, there are theories about his whereabouts.

Oro Jackson, the legendary ship was gone for years. The ship was owned by Roger and was considered to be the best ship. But, where do we find this vessel? It’s possible that, if this ship remains in existence the Scopper Gaban might be protecting it. That’s right, Scopper was at the very least the chief of Roger’s crew.

Can Scopper be waiting on Lodestar Island? Another theory. Scopper was among the five individuals to discover this Void Century. So far, we’ve observed the fact that Crocus and Rayleigh are not only alive, but they also help other pirates along their voyage. It is therefore reason to believe that we’ll be seeing Scopper also waiting on Lodestar Island.

In the end, but not entirely true, it’s also likely that the Scopper Gaban, actually dead. This is probably not the most known theory, but it’s nevertheless feasible. Perhaps after the conclusion of the comic Oda might reveal that he was killed heroically, just like Oden. 

In any case, this is the least chance of happening, as fans would like more details on Roger Pirates’ one of the most formidable characters, Scopper Gaban.

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