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Who Are Jaycee Dugard’s Daughters & Where Are They Now?

“Captive for 18 years: the Jaycee Lee Story” The book chronicles the abduction and detention of 11-year old Jaycee Dugard by the hands of notorious sex offenders Phillip Craig Garrido and his wife, Nancy. A long-running search to locate the fifth-grader was launched almost immediately.

However, no leads were ever discovered despite the many witnesses. So, Jaycee remained missing until 2009, when a fresh investigation resulted in her being rescued by the 29-year-old as well as Phillip’s daughters. It’s been a long time since her disappearance. We should find out everything there is to learn about her. Will we?

Who Are Jaycee Dugard’s Daughters?

After nearly three years of being taken from their California home, Jaycee Lee Dugard gave birth to Angel, who was the first of her daughters to be fathered by her captor, Phillip Garrido. 

She was 13 without any idea of what the possibilities of labor were and she was suffering from terrible discomforts while locked inside a shed that was located in the Garridos backyard. 

Since Jaycee was never allowed out, she believed that there wouldn’t be doctors to treat her, which was true. Nancy Garrido, a nursing aid, was the sole person who assisted during the birth. It was a good thing that everything went smoothly, as Jaycee eventually felt that, thanks to her daughter Angel, she wasn’t the only one.

The following year, in 1997, 17-year-old Jaycee was able to welcome a new baby girl named Starlet to her family. Together with their daughters, Phillip Garrido had lifted some of the restrictions imposed on his victims, and she was able to transform their home into a school. 

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But Jaycee taught them everything she had learned. However, she was required to lie and tell the girls she was Nancy, who was their mother and not her. 

According to The Telegraph, the 15-year-old Angel or 11-year-old Starlet (also referred to in the form of Starlit as well as Starlite) realized the truth until they were released from their father’s wrath in the month of August. Then, it was time for them to be informed of the abduction of their mother.

Where Are Jaycee Dugard’s Daughters Now?

Despite the fact that they were quiet and kept safe around their fathers and were not out when Phillip Garrido was being apprehended in 2009, Angel and Starlet Dugard are believed to have been adamant about Phillip Garrido. 

After forming a strong and emotional connection with him over the years, it wasn’t unexpected that they would cry while getting the freedom they wanted. 

Now that they know the truth and have sought help through therapy and family support, they’ve been capable of adjusting to their new and normal life. With regard to their past circumstances, they prefer to keep the situation private.

In the interview that Jaycee gave to ABC Network in 2016, the only thing we know is that Angel and Starlet aren’t interested in visiting their father anymore. But Jaycee will not forbid them from seeing him if they want to. 

She added, “I want them to make their own decisions in their lives, and if it’s something they have to do… I would not approve of it.” However, I would allow them to do it. ” She said, “I would hope they don’t, but in the event that they’re in jail and it’s safe, I won’t interfere with their right to make their own decision.”

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Jaycee was also revealing the fact that she and her “resilient” and “loving” daughters were both in college at this point in the past. They usually don’t want to talk about their experiences with other people, and a significant part of their process of recovering is relying on each other. 

Only a handful of those who are close to them can tell the reality, and it’s their decision to keep their privacy. Jaycee, far more than all others, is aware of the importance of independence, and she’s allowed her daughters to enjoy it while acting as a loving and encouraging hand to assist them.

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