Who Died on Bering Sea Gold?

Few people possess the skills required to become a dredger, as the cast members of the show “Bering Sea Gold” demonstrate.

The reality-based series follows dredgers as they mine for the precious metal that lies deep in the Bering Sea. 

You need perseverance, as well as the latest knowledge in diving, mining, and the operation of heavy equipment. 

Dredgers and their staff must be ready for any eventuality.

Although it’s satisfying to see gold at the end of a Herculean task, efforts can sometimes end in disappointment.

But the most challenging part is being far from the world and facing the harsh surroundings as well as the open sea. 

Dredging is, therefore, one of the most dangerous jobs, but not everyone is prepared to do it. It could make you wonder if anyone on the show has died. 

This is what we are aware of.

John Bunce Died on Bering Sea Gold

As for the show, it was in its second season. 26-year-old John Bunce passed away. John was an employee of Zeke Tenhoff’s dredging vessel known as The Edge. 

While John did not have a prominent role in the show, he was a close friend of Zeke’s.

The crew from The Edge were also devastated by the loss of their beloved John. 

But it’s important to note that this young diver didn’t die in the course of his work; rather, suicide was his motive.

On September the 1st, 2012, the Nome Police Department was alerted to a fatality at an apartment located on First Street, and it was later discovered to be John Bunce. 

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The autopsy results weren’t released at the moment, but the deceased died of self-inflicted gunshot injuries. As the second season was coming to an end, the show confirmed that it was John Bunce who had died by suicide.

According to sources, the cast member’s remains were scattered near the Seward Peninsula coast at Norton Sound in the Bering Sea.

John was well-known for his enthusiasm for learning and adventure. 

The young and athletic The Edge member was a certified and licenced diver and a professional truck driver. 

He was also a HAZWOPER (hazardous waste operations and emergency response) person and educated in boating safety.

Although John did not pass away while working, the death of a worker isn’t uncommon in this particular line of work. 

Cast members Dave and George Young experienced the loss personally after their brother Scott was killed while mining gold off the ocean. 

It is vital to know that Scott was never part of the “Bering Sea Gold.”

To safeguard the safety of everyone, a variety of things must be considered, and that includes the weather. 

In addition, the dredgers have to make sure that the equipment is in great condition and that all crew members can clearly talk to each other.

Emily Riedel is part of the crew on Bearing Seas: Gold on The Discovery Channel

Emily Riedel has also had close encounters with death. 

She died in February 2013 and opened up about her near-death experience during an interview with Larry King. 

When Emily was diving, she was forced to climb a mountain in an emergency because of a lack of oxygen. 

When she made it to her destination, she discovered herself just 30 feet from the dredge vessel and could not move. 

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Luckily, she got the assistance she required. Even though the cast members seem as if it’s not a big matter, their job puts their lives in danger.

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