Who Is Ben Azelart’s Girlfriend?

Ben Azelart, a YouTuber and skateboarder, is well-known. His YouTube channel is named after him and features vlogs that share his adventures and insane skills. Ben Azelart, a native Hawaiian, attended Kailua Intermediate School. He is a pro skateboarder with a strong record and has taken part in many competitions such as the Association of Skateboarders Hawaii or the King of the Groms. He was also spotted at the Vans US Open 2017.

His podcast, Stay Wild, was launched by Azelart in March 2021. Azelart is also a well-known TikTok celebrity, with approximately 13.3 million followers and 323.1 million alike. His YouTube videos are full of content that appeals to everyone. His videos are funny and he often play pranks. Ben joined YouTube on June 5, 2014, and has 983,150,784 views. The star, aged 19, posts his videos every Sunday to YouTube and has 6.86 million subscribers.

Since his first connection with Lexi Rivera, Ben Azelart has been in news. Fans fell in love with his chemistry with TikToker and were often seen with him. Fans around the globe are eager to learn more about their favorite social media influencer. His love life is the talk of the town and has made him the most popular celebrity in the area. This article will discuss ‘Who is Ben Azelart dating? 2021’ as well as his personal life.

Who is Ben Azelart dating now in 2021?

Ben Azelart has not been in a relationship with anyone at the moment. He was in a long-term relationship with Lexi Rivera (a well-known YouTuber and TikToker) until last year. Since 2018, Ben and Lexi have been together. They started working together on TikTok videos. Brent Rivera is a well-known YouTuber and a popular TikTok. Ben Azelart was the first to collaborate with him. After being in touch with Brent Rivera, Ben met Lexi and their friendship blossomed into an amazing relationship.

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This beautiful couple has been a sensation on the internet for 3 years with their incredible chemistry. It was evident through their TikTok videos. Although they were one of the most beloved couples on the video-making app, Lexi and Ben decided to end their relationship in November 2020. Fans were shocked to hear the news. The couple was adorable and set a high standard for the couple’s goals. In November, Lexi and Ben made a YouTube video announcing their split to their fans.

Ben and Lexi shared some details about their lives that helped them make this decision. Both Lexi and Ben shared with viewers that they don’t hold grudges against one another and will continue to be good friends. This video shows the emotional connection between them, which somehow warms our hearts. This video shows them reuniting and ending their sweet and bitter relationship.

Learn more about Lexi Rivera

Through his brother’s YouTube channel, Lexi Rivera was first in the spotlight. Yes, Lexi Rivera is Brent Rivera’s sister. She was frequently seen in his videos. Lexi launched her YouTube channel in August 2010. She has 6.12 million subscribers and 975,669,711 total views. Lexi has been seen working with Brent, even though she is a fan.

Lexi was born in California on 7th June 2001. Although Lexi was not a regular YouTube user in 2010, her brother Brent created his channel to show Lexi’s gymnastic skills. His fan following grew faster than Lexi’s and Brent began to focus on his channel. 

Lexi’s YouTube channel, Lexiloulouuu, was inactive in 2012 and was renamed, Lexi. She continued to appear on Brent’s videos and she gained popularity. Her Instagram account received a lot of appreciation. She felt confident in re-launching her YouTube channel. Based on the questions she received from her Instagram followers, her first video was a question-answer video.

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Her talents as a gymnast and her hilarious prank videos are what makes her famous. She also has beauty and fashion videos. Her TikTok follower’s number around 15.9million and her likes are 342.1 million.

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