Who is Black Bulls Vice-Captain Nacht in Black Clover?

Dark Triad members are searching for stage magicians who can create the Tree of Quiploth. While they’re gone, there is a strange figure that appears to be lurking within the Spade Kingdom Castle. 

It appears to be a person seeking to learn about the plans of the Dark Triad. He is seated at the table of Dante. He finds and reads about what is known as the Tree of Quiploth when he is stopped by an unidentified guard. 

When the man slips into his personal shadow to free the guard, he uses a special kind of shadow magic. When he gets out, we can see the logo on his waist. It was surprising that it was from the Black Bulls. 

For anime-only viewers, this character remains a mystery. Warning: This person’s name is Nacht, and they will shortly be featured in the anime too. You can buy The Black Clover Manga on Viz and stream the show through Crunchyroll. In this post, we’ll find out what Nacht is. What’s his connection with the Black Bulls? What are his skills?

Nacht Faust was randomly chosen vice-captain for the Black Bull squad by Yami Sukehiro. The guy is also a Magic Knight who was formerly an active member of the Julius Novachrono squad, Grey Deer. 

He is also a devil host, but unlike the others, there are four devils. In the eyes of viewers and readers, he was employed as a spy by the Clover Kingdom, which is part of the Spade Kingdom.

The Spade Kingdom. We get to meet him once the epic battle is over. The situation was becoming extremely dire due to the massive destruction caused by the battle. Yami was taken prisoner as Asta was wounded. Asta discovers a new page in his grimoire with the sword of Yami emerging from it. 

The sight makes him think of his inability, and he rushes out to assist his captain. While in the hallway, he gets stopped by a man who is not named. He takes a scathing view of Yami and also points at Asta’s inability to save his life. Asta is furious and tries to attack him after he is forced to fall by a series of shadowy hands. 

Then, the revelation is revealed, where the Shadow Magic-user is revealed as Nacht, who is the vice-captain of the Black Bulls and a Devil Host. The night also suggests that Asta use the opportunity to teach him how to utilize his Devil powers, which makes him strong enough to be able to save Yami.

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There isn’t much information about the family history of Nacht, other than that there is a possibility that he was a royal. This is just a rumor because he snarks at Magna because he is an ordinary peasant. 

We even get to see the previous life when he was criticized by the brother he was with for going to people and offering them food. Another hint that he is an heir to the throne was that, as a result of Asta’s education as well as the Devil Union, Nacht brought the castle to destruction. 

The possibility that Nacht knew about this castle is a sign that he could be linked to this spot.

Grey Deer

The Grey Deer Squad is where Nacht used to be, as I mentioned. In the event that the Magic Knight Captains have a meeting, Nacht barges in with Asta. In the midst of the meeting, when the captains attempt to approach the captain, Nacht stops them using his devils. 

In the meantime, Julius vouches for him by claiming that he is Vice-Captain of his Black Bulls Squad. In addition, at one time, the man was a part of the Grey Deer Squad under Julius and also worked with Yami as well as William. The identity of Jack the Ripper has also been confirmed

Relationship with Yami

Yami is one of those who select his friends based on their personalities, their drives, or their behavior. 

This means that it is believed that each of his team members is good. Therefore, it is expected that Yami will appoint the post of Vice-Captain to someone who he believes in the most. 

However, that’s not the way Nacht feels. Nacht does not like Yami Sukehiro, to put it simply. He doesn’t like being offered the role of Black Bull’s vice-captain in a random manner. 

His hatred towards Yami could be the main reason for his only visit to the base once. While he does appear to be a fan of Asta, however, his dislike for Yami appears to be a source of irritation when he observes a similarity between Asta’s actions and beliefs to Yami’s.

The reason Nacht was selected may stem from his past. As we all know, each Clover Kingdom citizen is given an item in their grimoire that has the Clover symbol. However, this isn’t the case with Nacht because his grimoire is not adorned with any symbol. 

Yami comes from a location in his home country, the Land of the Rising Sun (Japan), which, within the Black Clover universe, is often referred to as “the” Hino Country. Similar to the name, Nacht is a German word that translates to “night” and is similar to the name Yami, which means “dark.”

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This suggests that being a foreigner could be the reason Yami has chosen Nacht as his Vice-Captain.

A Spy

As mentioned previously, Nacht has been a spy in the Spade Kingdom. It could be because of his supernatural abilities. When Nacht is at his Black Bulls’ base, it is possible for him to identify the entire team. 

He is able to identify every flaw they have while noting their background. He smears them all by calling them “good for no gain” people. In light of the fact that Nacht has only been at the base once, it means that he was monitoring all members. 

He also says to Asta that the base was able to monitor every single battle right from the beginning.


Nacht is a very practical and rational individual. He’s not afraid of speaking his mind freely, as the man who says to Asta that losing an argument is the loss of the person who loses it and thinks that losers are fools. 

He is not afraid to confront those who disagree with him about his liking or dislike for them. The man was not afraid to express his displeasure with all of the Magic Knight captains to their faces. 

Based on his beliefs, it is only good if it is so right from the beginning. In contrast, anything bad that chooses to turn towards the positive side is terrible even. He believes that the good things he does today are not sufficient to make up for the terrible past. 

Based on what we’ve learned from his days at Grey Deer, Nacht was very jovial, but his experience at Spade Kingdom has changed him. Spade Kingdom’s personality has evolved.

Ability: Shadow Magic

If Jack noticed Nacht at the table, He is quick to highlight the ways in which his magic was different earlier in the day. Nacht returns to saying that the person is gone, and the person standing in front of him is the only thing that remains. 

It could be that, as we experienced the case with Mars, Nacht could have performed something on himself in order to instill the Shadow Magic within him to succeed in his endeavors. 

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It also could mean that he still has the ability to do this. For the technique of shadow magic, he uses it to alter shadows. He can shift into various shadows while shifting between them. 

He is able to immobilize his adversaries by entering their shadows and then dragging their bodies into the shadows. This means the man is able to do a variety of things, making him ideal for missions of reconnaissance. 

The ability to travel between shadows basically gives him the ability to move and teleport. Being as clever as the man he is, he could make use of this skill to its fullest benefit.

Ability: Devil-Possessed

It is evident from the horns that hang on his head. Nacht, like Asta, can be seen as the devil’s host. Nacht is linked to four devils who grant him different abilities and powers. He utilizes various relics to temporarily call them back to the realm of the living. 

The summoners can appear in their massive disguised beast form or in smaller versions of themselves at any time. His four devils include Gimodelo, Slotos, Plumede, and an unidentified rooster-like devil. 

Gimodelo can join forces with all four, offering him various Devil Union forms and abilities. Gimodelo can be described as a devil that typically stays on Nacht’s shoulders as he combines with him.

Using this, Nacht can use his shadow to create clones of himself. This Devil Union form, together with Gimodelo, is known as Unite Mode: Canis. Gimodelo appears to come from a dog since Gimodelo’s larger beast form features an orange dog-like mask, and his ability is known as Pack.

Slotos is believed to have been inspired by a horse, as is evident from his purple horse-like mask. Equus is the name given to Night’s costume when playing Devil Union with Slotos. 

This is a form that gives him amazing strength and resiliency that can withstand the gravity force set on him by Dante. Plumede is believed to bear a resemblance to an animal, as evident by his grey cat mask. 

In Devil Union with Plumede, Night’s appearance is known as Unite Mode: Felis. This form of him gives him more agility and physical speed, similar to cats. The last Devil isn’t named, and very little is known concerning him. However, he does appear like a rooster. His capabilities are still unknown.

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