Who is Crymson Rose Boyfriend? Is She Dating Ceedee Lamb?

Who is Crymson Rose Dating? It’s true, Crymson Rose is the love of American footballer Ceedee Lamb. Crymson Rose was born on the 30th of March 1999. She is born in Florida, the United States, she will turn 22 in 2021. She is studying at the University of Oklahoma.

The University of Oklahoma and a lover of Ceedee Lamb, a professional NBA player. Rose is an attractive woman with a unique personality. Her eyes are green and she has black hair. She’s amazing dimensions and a voluminous body. As we said, Crymson is a Ceedee Lamb’s favorite. 

The couple has been in a relationship since the beginning of 2019. Their relationship has become more secure than before. They also address the misunderstandings and act like adults. Crymson is a seasoned woman. She’s pursuing a 4-year college degree at The University of Oklahoma. The complexities of her prior training aren’t clear today.

Crymson Rose became famous in 2020 when fans discovered that she had seized the phone of Ceedee in the course of an NFL and then he took the phone from her. The video became viral on the internet and everybody was talking about the incident. However, Crymson went on Twitter to clarify the situation. 

Crymson is active on Instagram as well as Twitter. In addition, she gained 12.3 million followers on Instagram in addition to 1.7 thousand on Twitter. Aries is Crymson’s zodiac sign. Crimson is of African American descent And, now, she can be an American citizen. 

So, in this post, you will learn the details of Crymson Rose’s personal life story and who she is dating? Who is she dating? Personal life, work, and much more. Let’s dive in for more information on what she has to say about herself!

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Crymson Rose Dating

Who is Crymson Rose Dating? Actually, Crymson Rose is dating the NBA player Ceedee Lamb, who works in the role of an announcer with the Dallas Cowboys. The couple began dating in the year 2019 and they’re still together as of 2021. The couple is extremely private about their relationship and does not post photos of them on Instagram Some fans aren’t sure if they are in a relationship or not.

Through social networks, a picture became viral in 20210 in which Crymson was able to take the phone from Lamb. Then, Lamb returned the phone that was in Crymson’s hands. But both utilize online platforms to let obvious that they don’t have anything as good as what people receive for them. 

Before getting to know Lamb, Rose had previously been in contact with Trae Young. An American Basketball player hailing born in Lubbock, TX, the couple dated when they were at Norman North High School and continued to get together while studying, however, for some reason, they broke up.

Crymson Rose and Ceedee Lamb Viral Video

Recently, in 2020, Crymson was captured on camera during an awkward encounter with her partner Ceedee Lamb, which became viral. 

When the video became viral through social media platforms, everybody was curious about what the situation was and wanted to learn the details about Ceedee Lamb’s partner. 

Crymson went on Twitter to clarify the situation and claimed she was having a girl’s night out with her boyfriend, as his agent was providing facial timing to him as they were talking to cowboys via phone.

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Who Is Ceedee Lamb?

Ceedee Lamb, born Cedarian Lamb is an American footballer. Lamb is the successor to Lamb’s Dallas Cowboys in the NFL. In the days before the Dallas Cowboys pulled him into the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft, he was playing in the college football league of Oklahoma. 

Ceedee was born in Opelousas, Louisiana but later relocated to Texas where he continued his education. Lamb was a student at Richmond, Lamb attended John and Randolph Foster High School. 

Cedarian was a college football player in 2017 and in 2019, the player was named All-American on the first team for his impressive receiving 62 passes with 1,327 yards, and fourteen touchdowns.

Crymson Rose Relationships

In the past, prior to Ceedee Lamb Crymson Rose was a lover of NBA star Trae Young. As Crymson and Trae were at Norman North High School together They were able to form a bond due to their passion for basketball. 

A couple of lovers later relocated while they both attended the University of Oklahoma. In the end, Crymson broke up with Trae and began with Ceedee Lamb. At the same time, Trae continued to play for the Atlanta Hawks after being selected in the 2018 season.

Crymson Rose Parents, Siblings, Family

Crymson Rose was born in 1999 to the father Michael Rose and mother Lori Love. Michael is a student-athlete who hails from Florida was a student at his time at the University of Oklahoma. 

He later worked as an assistant coach for football in Florida. Crymson was six years old when her father Michael was killed in a motorcycle incident in November of 2005. At the time, her older sister, Damon was 11.

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The Rose Siblings relocate to Norman, Oklahoma along with their mother, Lori. Crymson was a part of Norman North High School there as well as playing basketball which she loves to play. Crymson will then pay tribute to the legacy of her father’s passing by registering at his old school.

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