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Who is Grant Amato And Where is He Now?

Grand Amato became obsessed with webcam models and spent a lot of money to keep them going. He was stealing from his family money and money he didn’t have. Grant was convicted of murdering his family despite all their efforts to protect him. 

Investigation Discovery’s Signs of a Psychopathic: Fantasy over Family ’investigates exactly this case. Are you curious about Grant’s whereabouts and how he got there? We’ve got you covered.

Who is Grant Amato?

Grant is Chad and Margaret Amato’s youngest son. They had two more sons, Jason, the oldest, and Cody, who was the middle child. Jason was a resident of another country, but the rest of his family lived in Chuluota (Florida). Growing up, Cody and Grant were always close. 

They were friends from high school and had been together on their weightlifting team. They were inseparable. They went to nursing school and then to nurse anesthetist school. After Grant failed to graduate from anesthesiology school, problems began to emerge in June 2018. 

Even though the charges were dropped later, Grant was still suspended from his job because he was accused of stealing medication and improperly administering medication to a patient. He became depressed as a result.

Grant began to spend more time online, even though he didn’t have a job. He would stream live and play games. He eventually met Silvie, a Bulgarian webcam model. He began to pay her with the money from his family so he could communicate with her. 

He eventually bought her clothes and sex toys. Grant admitted that he had stolen over $200,000 from his family to present himself as a successful professional gamer. After an argument with his family about his behavior, Grant went to his aunt’s home and stole her credit card details. 

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For his brother’s sake, Cody agreed to pay her back, but she was urged by her family to not press charges.

The family was still looking out for him, and he was taken to a behavioral rehabilitation center in December. Grant had to comply with a set of rules in order to be allowed to return to his family. 

He needed to find a job and pay off his debts. His phone connection was cut off, and he stopped talking to Silvie. Grant’s mother allowed him to use her cell phone to contact Silvie via Twitter. Chad learned about it on January 24, 2019. Grant said that there had been a fight and that his father wanted him to leave the house.

Police responded to Cody’s concern about not showing up to work on January 25 by going to his family home. The police broke into the home to find a horrendous crime scene after there was no response. 

Chad, who had been shot twice in his head, was found dead in his kitchen. He wore a holster on his hip that contained a gun and a handgun. Margaret had been found dead in her home office. She was seated and was shot in the head. 

Investigators believe she was the first to be shot. Cody was shot below his eye in the doorway that leads to the garage and gym. A gun was also found close to Cody’s body. Grant was not there.

Grant was tracked down by police at a nearby hotel the day after. Grant talked about his family’s problems, but he never inquired about their whereabouts. He denied any involvement in their deaths when he was interrogated. 

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Although he admitted to the theft, he said that his father had kicked him out of their house on January 24th. Initial statements made by him to police stated that he had left around 9:30 pm, but he later changed his mind and said it was around midnight. 

He said he spent the night in a supermarket parking lot, then went to an interview for a job. Police also found photos of Grant’s uncle and grandmother on his computer. He was eventually convicted of triple murder.

The trial began in July 2019. According to the prosecution, Margaret was first killed at 4:40 pm, and Chad was then shot after he returned from work. After several hours, Cody was shot and killed upon his return from the hospital. 

Also, they claimed that Grant had placed handguns and shell casings next to the bodies in order to murder Cody’s parents. The casings found near Cody’s bodies were indeed from Cody’s gun, but the bullets that caused their deaths came from another gun not yet found. 

The defense claimed that other suspects weren’t considered and that crime scene analysts hadn’t properly processed the scene. Grant was found guilty after eight hours of deliberation.

Where is Grant Amato Now?

Grant was convicted of three counts in the first-degree murder case in August 2019. Although the death penalty was possible, the jury recommended a life sentence with no parole possibility. During the sentencing phase, Jason, an emotional witness, testified. 

He stated, “Though they have passed, I want everyone to know that Chad, Margaret, and Cody were incredible people that will live forever.” According to prison records, Grant is still being held at the Madison Correctional Institution in Madison County, Florida.

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