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Who is Harold & Where is Haley Bertolet Now?

When you are a kid, witnessing the loss of a parent could be an incredibly painful experience. Haley Henthorn was forced to endure such pain after the mother of her, Toni Henthorn, met her demise while hiking in the year 2012. 

A devastating twist of things her father was accused of murder and sentenced to prison for her mother and leaving Haley to be all by herself when she was just 10. The Hulu series “Wild Crime” explores the grisly murder of Haley and follows her journey throughout the whole process. 

Let’s dive deeper into the story and learn the location Haley Henthorn is at present let’s get started.

Who is Harold and Toni Henthorn’s Daughter?

Harold Henthorn and Toni Henthorn were married in the year 2000. After meeting through an online Christian dating site and a brief exchange, the couple became together and became acquainted due to their passion for the religion of their choice. 

At first, the couple seemed to be happy with their new lives and were content with one of their relationships. 

But as time went by, Harold allegedly began pulling Toni away from her family in Mississippi and convinced her to move to Colorado. In Colorado, the couple settled into their lives and welcomed their sole child, Haley Henthorn, into the world in the year 2005.

In 2012, when Haley was just seven years old Her parents went on a trek to The Rocky Mountain National Park. This trip would prove to be the first step in a horrific tragedy, as Harold quickly dialed 911 to inform the authorities that his wife had suffered serious injuries following an enormous fall. 

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After the police arrived at the scene they found that Toni was thrown nearly 140 feet lower than her body and was not responding. An examination of the medical records confirmed the worst and Toni was later declared dead. The loss of her mother at an early age affected Haley deeply however she adapted to living with her father.

Following the loss of their second marriage, Harold had custody of Haley, and Toni’s family strongly opposed the arrangement. According to the documentary, Toni’s family members knew that Toni was unhappy during the time leading up to the time of her passing. 

Toni was becoming increasingly unhappy in her relationship and even been injured twice by the wooden beam that Harold had placed in his presence. But, with Haley being in Harold’s care according to reports, Harold claims that he attempted to change her attitude and even convinced her to come out in his favor.

Where is Haley Bertolet Now?

The police started looking into Harold’s past and possible involvement in the death of Toni, Haley was assigned to Barbara Cashman, her guardian ad in litem. According to Barbara, the first time she met Haley she realized the girl was highly attracted through her father.

She was trying to convince Barbara of her mother’s insanity and the possibility that the fall could have been inevitable. But things changed after Harold’s arrest and Haley eventually escaped her father’s shackles.

At this point, the brother of Toni, Barry Bertolet, and his wife, Paula, decided to attempt to obtain guardianship for Haley. They were aided by Barbara who was their lawyer, they went to the courts and submitted a petition. 

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The reports vary as to the degree to which Harold was able to fight for the custody of his daughter however, Barry and his wife were granted full custody of Haley in the year 2015.

As of now, Haley is around 16-years-old. She prefers to remain quiet and stays away from social networks. There are no recent reports about her, we can believe that she is living in the Bertolet family and is slowly getting over her tragic and dark past to the future that is bright and hopeful.

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