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Who is Jeff Pelley’s wife? Where is she now?

Robert Pelley and his family were brutally killed in April 1989 in their home. That was the time when the tiny community of Lakeville, Indiana, was stunned.

The thing that puzzled investigators was the fact that there was no evidence from forensics and no evidence to investigate.

Robert Pelley, who was Robert’s son, was initially viewed as a suspect. However, it wasn’t until 2006 that he was found guilty of the murders of four.

Season 3 of the podcast “CounterClock” and CBS’s “48 Hours Live to Tell the Story of Murder on Prom Night” both investigate the case to find out what transpired on the day of the killing. 

At the time of Jeff’s arrest, he was in the next phase of his life and was living with his family. 

Do you want to know more about the events that took place for his wife following his arrest? We’ve got all the information we can get!

Who is Jeff Pelley’s Wife?

Jeff Pelley was only 17 when the murders took place. 

After that, he relocated to Florida and was married to Kim at the age of 23 in 1993. 

They divorced in 1997 and married again a few years later in the year 1999. They have a son. They when they were married, they were staying within Dade City. Jeff was employed by IBM before his arrest. 

Jeff’s arrest resulted from the Pulleys murder investigation being revived. 

Jeff was viewed as a prime suspect in the case and was never really eliminated. A new prosecutor was able to pursue the case and indicted Jeff of the murders.

The whole thing began in the spring of 1989. 

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Jeff was born into a large family that was blended. 

He was the son of Robert the minister who was married to Dawn and also had 3 children three – Jessica, Janel, and Jolene. Jeff additionally had a biological sibling, Jacque. 

On the first day, April 30th the locals and their neighbors were concerned when the Pelleys were not present at the church. 

After checking, they came across horrifying discoveries. 

Robert was shot repeatedly in the corridor. Dawn along with her eldest daughters, Janel and Jolene were discovered shot inside the basement. Jessica was staying at a friend’s house, Jacque was away attending an event at the church, while Jeff was hanging out with his buddies following prom.

The investigation team noted that the incident didn’t appear to be an invasion of a home because the doorways were secured. 

The original theory of Robert killing his family members and later taking his own life was dismissed due to the extent of his wounds and the lack of a murder weapon found around the body. 

In reality, there was no evidence of murder anywhere. Jeff was detained after it was revealed the fact that his dad had beaten his prom night because of theft and was planning to take him to prom and back. Jeff was not permitted to attend the prom celebrations that were scheduled before and following prom, either.

The police speculated at the moment that Jeff could be angry about the grounding incident and murdered Robert and then killed the other victims also. A shotgun found in the home that could be believed to be the weapon used in the murder was found to be missing. 

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However, the investigation was circumstantial and had no evidence connecting Jeff to the murder. At the time there were no charges filed against him. Jeff relocated to Florida soon afterward.

His family stayed within Odessa before moving into Dade City and led a regular life. However, in the year 2002, Jeff became a suspect after his case was brought back to court, and he was tried in the year 2006. 

There were no murder weapons or evidence from forensics, nor a confession. The jury was given only the chronology of events that transpired that night to look at. 

The testimony of multiple witnesses was presented during the lengthy trial, Jeff was convicted on four murder charges.

Where is Jeff Pelley’s Wife Now?

A verdict meant that Jeff was to be imprisoned in jail for a lengthy period and Kim was the sole caregiver for their son on her own. 

Jeff has been sentenced to 160-years of prison. 

Jeff has been taken on by the Indiana University’s McKinney Wrongful Conviction Clinic and a date for an evidentiary hearing has been set for June of this year. 

For Kim, she seems to have a reputation that she’s been a bit reticent about being the subject of public scrutiny because of the press coverage this case has received throughout the time. 

Kim is believed to live and work within Cape Coral, Florida, however, beyond that, very little is publicized about her.

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