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Who is Kala Brown & Where is She Now?

At the end of August 2016, Kala Brown’s life changed forever.

 She was imprisoned for over two months inside a container by Serial murderer Todd Kohlhepp. 

CBS”48 Hours Serial Confessions’ follows the search for her and how the police and her family were determined until they finally found her. 

The girl was safely rescued and this led to a series of events that led to Todd being found guilty for seven murders. 

Are you contemplating what happened to Kala is now? We’ve got all the information you need!

Who is Kala Brown?

Kala Brown was thirty years old when she died.

She lived in Anderson, South Carolina. She was involved in a relationship with 32-year old Charlie Carver, who had recently separated from his spouse and had moved into a home with Kala. 

The couple vanished at the same time on August 31st, 2016. Charlie’s mother filed a missing person report on September 3 and informed police she hadn’t seen her son for several days. 

Leah Miller, a friend of Kala’s also made a missing persons report within two days. The couple’s home looked as if it hadn’t been utilized for a long time.

While the search was ongoing, bizarre posts on Facebook began appearing at Charlie and Kala’s accounts. The posts claimed that they as well as Kala had been married for a while had bought an apartment, and were in good shape. 

This raised suspicions and no one believed that they were true because the posts appeared after several hours of silence. Police were able to locate Kala by pinging her cell phone. This led them to Todd Kohlhepp’s home. 

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As they reached the property they heard a loud banging. They found Kala inside a metal container. She was tied around her ankles and neck.

It was later discovered that Kala had been acquainted with Todd. In the past, Todd was an agent in real estate who employed Kala to wash houses. Kala was employed by the agent a few times, but nothing was to be out of the ordinary. 

But everything was different on the 31st of August. 

Kala stated that she along with Charlie went to the property of his to do some landscaping. After they were there, Kala claimed that Todd was able to shoot Charlie 3 times on the chest.

Heshe was then handcuffed to keep her hostage. Then, he confessed the incident to Kala. He disposed of Charlie’s vehicle by spray painting it and covered it with branches of trees.

In the two months following, Kala was kept captive and fed only once every day, at 6 pm. Kala also informed her family members that Todd once presented her tombs and threatened to murder her if she attempted to flee. 

Interviews with her revealed that Kala claimed that she had been sexually assaulted each day throughout her time in confinement. But Todd’s mom claimed that he didn’t wish to hurt Kala and also that he assured her that he would not harm Kala. 

When she was rescued on the 3rd of November, 2016, Todd’s criminal activities quickly caught up with him and he confessed to seven murders and a quadruple murder that occurred more than a decade earlier. The judge sentenced him to life in prison.

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Where is Kala Brown Now?

In August of 2018, Kala was awarded more than $6 million from Todd’s estate, as punitive and actual damages in connection with the kidnapping. 

In the court trial that was held to determine damages, an expert psychiatrist declared that Kala was likely to require therapy and medication for a lengthy period of time to get better. 

According to a close friend, Dan Herren, Kala hoped to get over the trauma and become an advocate for victims at some moment in the future. Dan added that Kala spoke of some other murders that are not yet solved that Todd informed her of.

Kala suffered a further loss in February 2019, when she lost her beloved fiance Adam Mayson. He was killed by self-inflicted wounds to his knife and his death was determined to be a suicide. 

In July of 2019, Kala and her then-boyfriend James Moore were charged with third-degree domestic violence. The charges stemmed from an altercation that took place between Kala and James who was in her home at the time. 

She appears to be doing better and has begun with a new partner. Kala is still living in Anderson and is believed to be having a child, too.

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