Who Is Lauren Southern Dating? Is She Gay?

Lauren Southern is a Canadian alternative rights activist as well as a YouTuber. She is well-known for her support of white nationalists and for producing video content about conspiracy theories and movements. 

In the same way, Lauren rose to prominence because of her advocacy for The Great Replacement Theory via her YouTube channel in 2017. In addition, Southern is also a fan of conspiracy theories about white genocide in her documentary titled “Farmlands.” 

Lauren posted a picture of herself from her childhood on Twitter to send her dad a message on the day of International Father’s Day. We can tell that she’s in close contact with her parents.

Who is Lauren Southern’s girlfriend? Lauren Southern was born on June 16, 1995, in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. Lauren Cherie Southern is her real name. Her pet is a hedgehog for an animal companion.

She is from an intimate family that she enjoys. The affection of her parents is evident in her upload of their pictures and videos, even though she does not divulge the names of their children. 

Lauren is also a sister to an older one, Jess, who is currently employed as a disc jockey. Lauren’s eyes are stunning, as is Hazel’s, as well as her locks, which are blonde. Her educational background is secret.

However, she was a student at Fraser Valley University, where she was a student of political sciences. It wasn’t until later that Lauren decided to drop out of college. She claims she quit her studies due to the fact that she doesn’t think it is necessary to spend funds on college education if she could do it by herself.

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Although she didn’t have a formal education and wasn’t a well-known politician.

Who is Lauren Southern’s Partner?

Lauren Southern is married to an Australian husband. His name and other details have not yet been released. Lauren Southern has a baby boy with her Australian husband, whom she has only been married to for a few years.

However, Southern has yet to disclose the details of her child and husband. Additionally, she hides her private life from her social circle and does not post any photos of her family. Southern lives with her family in Australia, together with her spouse and son.

Additionally, Lauren once announced that she would end her political work and YouTube channel by June of this year. The reasons were linked to fulfillment and relocation, and, of course, she was able to do the whole thing in the presence of her husband and daughter. 

She also continued her role as an activist for his new family and announced her return on YouTube. Southern also announced her plans for her new job and expressed her disappointment with her previous job. 

It was reported previously that she had been involved with two boys; however, because of her political affiliation and political involvement, their relationship didn’t succeed. While she is legally married and had an infant son after her retirement from politics, she and her husband currently reside in Toronto, Canada.

Is Lauren Southern Gay?

While Southern was married and even had a son, very little information is provided about their son and marriage. Southern is heterosexual in sexual orientation but has not declared herself homosexual. Southern isn’t forthcoming about her son and her boyfriend, even though she could have the two. She’s an introvert with regard to her personal life.

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Lauren Southern’s Professional Life

Southern started her political career by becoming an advocate for the White Identitarian Group “Defend Europe,” which opposes the activities of NGOs (non-governmental organizations) engaged in rescue missions within the Mediterranean Sea. 

Then, she was chosen as an official candidate for the Libertarian Party in the Canadian general election. In the course of her campaign, the Italian Coast Guard arrested Lauren to stop the vessel from carrying on the rescue mission. 

But, once again, with the assistance of The Rebel Media and Breitbart News, Lauren re-joined the party. With just 535 of the votes (0.9 percent) of the overall ballots cast, she was ranked third in the polls. 

Southern was detained in accordance with Schedule 7 and Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 and was prohibited from getting into London due to her intentions.

Lauren found herself dissatisfied with politics and declared that she would concentrate on education and not engage in politics for a short time. At the same time, Lauren released a new video that demonstrates how she assists asylum seekers in their efforts to meet with immigration authorities and get refugee status. 

She distributed flyers and leaflets in Luton along with the assistance of Coolant Robertson and Brittany Pettibone, making a claim to Allah as the “gay.” The woman called for an end to the “peaceful” society in the US in a bid to prove it was not the case that Richard Spencer was not a white racist. 

She claimed that Spencer was a white nationalist and believed that race did not make him any less than a person of color. It is also said that she resigned from politics after a short time in order to begin a family by marriage but was hindered by her commitments to politics.

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