Who Is Lisa Holewyne? Where Is She Now?

Christy Martin, a well-known American female boxer who was widely credited with legalizing the sport for women, is the subject of ’48 Hours: Christy Martin–The Fight of Her Life.’ Christy Salters Martin not only had to fight for her career life, attempting to make her name as an athlete and a person, but her personal journey was awash with challenges as well.

Christy kept a secret; her sexual orientation was kept secret for the majority of the time. She also had a husband who was abusive and a dictator, leading to her nearly dying. 

However, as was stated in the show, Christy received the fairytale end she deserved when she was given the chance to make her boxing ring opponent, Lisa Holewyne, into her spouse. Find out more about Christy!

 Who Is Lisa Holewyne?

Lisa Holewyne, a former professional boxer, was born in Hawaii on March 10th, 1966. She relocated to Houston, Texas, when she was just a teen. She graduated from Spring Branch High School in 1984.

She was an active and impressive athlete in softball as well as track. This led to her participating in the seven-event heptathlon while she was studying for her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration degree at the University of Texas.

In the following years, Lisa took up boxing, and when she was able to win numerous local Golden Gloves titles, she realized she could make an income from it. This led her on an incredible journey. 

Her first encounter in the ring with Christy Martin was a punch in her face, very literally, because it happened inside the boxing ring on November 17th, 2001, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Lisa was defeated in a majority decision. The following day, she never thought she and Christy would become friends, much less anything else. 

While they were in the same women’s arena and before Lisa was able to fight her last match in 2005 in front of more than 55,000 people, Lisa and Christy developed a unique bond that only grew stronger as time passed. Then, after everything that took place with Christy took place and she came out, they came back together.

Where Is Lisa Holewyne Now?

Lisa Holewyne, now 54, lives in Austin, Texas, with her partner, Christy Salters, whom she married on November 25, 2017. 

According to the report, the couple’s relationship lasted only four months, and they both made a vow to each other in a parking lot at a hotel without resorting to clichés, as they knew exactly what they wanted and were not afraid to chase it. 

Although Lisa isn’t a boxing star, she is with her husband in every match that her company, Christy Martin Promotions, which is a boxing marketing and development business, has.

Additionally, it is important to not forget that on August 30, 2019, Lisa Holewyne, with a record of 25-17-2 during nearly 8 years of professional fighting, was admitted into the International Women’s Boxing Hall of Fame (IWBHF), which made her one of the 12 inductees for the entire year. 

However, today, Lisa is focused on her work in renovations as the proprietor of her own business, Remodel Austin. At first, the company was just a flooring firm, which was one of the best located in the Austin area, where it remains today.

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However, over the past ten years, they have grown their offerings and now offer an entire range of restoration services.

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