Who Is Meru The Succubus? What’s the Story?

Those who spend a great deal of time surfing the web might be familiar with the abundance of peculiar phenomena that can be found nowhere else.

Things you can’t talk about in public because you’re afraid of the reaction of “normals.”

Such items, especially those of a pornographic nature, abound in the cyber realm.

Fans love the 2D lads and girls since it’s human nature to sexualize practically anything.

Although one might frown upon someone who finds sexual attraction in artwork, this is not the case online.

The latest 2D girl to join the challenges is Meru, a red-skinned succubus who has garnered a lot of attention recently.

Who exactly is this Meru, this succubus? This article provides all the information you’ll ever need about her.

Meru, a red-skinned, gold-eyed succubus who is constantly up to no good, has recently come to public attention thanks to the internet.

It’s set in Canada, and as you might have guessed from the title, Meru’s powers can be restored by having sexual relations with male characters.

There is an entire hierarchy of power in which men rise to greater prominence as a result of sexual behavior. Keep reading if you’re interested!

Who Is Meru The Succubus?

It’s an animated short The succubus Meru was created in the year 2020 by Twitter artist Skuddbutt.

Meru, our protagonist, was created by the Twitter artist Meru nyaa.

All of the money for Meru the Succubus came from patrons, thus it’s clear that this is an artefact of human motivation and perseverance.

Meru the Succubus, although wholly original, has attracted a lot of readers.

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Even though it’s hentai, the plot is powerful and contemporary, and the succubus is adorable, so it’s no surprise that it’s a hit.

Newgrounds, a website for artists, now hosts five OVAs that can be seen in a series.

Plot Of The OVA

For the uninitiated, a succubus is an imaginary being, a demon (often female) whose vitality comes from engaging in sexual activities.

According to urban legend, succubi are particularly harmful because they drain the life power of the men they sleep with in order to restore their own energy.

Since a fabled creature like that is bound to pique the interest of many, it’s not hard to see how Meru the Succubus has become such a ubiquitous fixture of online pop culture.

The girl whose body she has possessed to avenge a priest is the red-skinned avatar we know her as.

At the beginning of the cartoon, Meru awakes in the girl’s body; her red skin likely indicates that she has been possessed.

In the OVA, there are interstitial notes that reveal that Meru’s full name is Merudania, the spirit of a succubus demon who appeared around 1100 AD in Northern Italy.

As long as a young woman’s thoughts are dominated by sexual fantasies, she can possess her soul.

As soon as Meru realizes she has taken over the girl’s body, she takes off in search of her first victim.

To keep a host body under her control, a succubus must regularly consume large quantities of male release, lest the host become conscious and attempt to expel Meru.

The only way for Meru to permanently control the priest’s body and exact her wrath is to sleep with a man who has abstained from all sexual activity.

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The animation’s extra features reveal that at her peak, Meru was capable of a wide range of abilities, including flying, levitation, hypnosis, shape-shifting, teleportation, and even ESP. But a priest cut her off from them, so now she wants revenge on him.

Newgrounds and Twitter are the official places to view the animation and other content relating to Meru the Succubus.

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