Who is Miriam Amirault? Husband, Career and Early Life

In The Curse of Oak Island, The Lagina Brothers, are seeking mythical treasures on an island located off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. It has been attempted by many for ages, but no one has succeeded.

The mystery surrounding the island is only growing with every season of this show. Rick and Marty embarked on this adventure with lots of gear and information. They were also able to count on archaeologists as well as historians and researchers, to assist them. 

Miriam Amirault was one of the first actors to appear in the 8th episode of Season 8 of the show. This young, confident actress instantly made her fans want to learn more about her. Who is Miriam Amirault? Are they married?

While Miriam was not a prominent part of The Curse of Oak Island, fans were excited to have her on the show. Other than Miriam and her role, there are some exciting changes (arguably) that took place in Season 8. For instance, in Episode 11, Gary Drayton finds what he believes is gold, but Laird is disappointed and finds out that it’s actually painted with gold. 

The object (probably) originated from a treasure chest of some sort. Many people claimed that nails and the feet of oxen were discovered. If you’re also interested in learning more about the famous archaeologist, this article is perfect for you.

Who is Miriam Amirault?

Miriam Amirault is an archaeologist who graduated from the University of New Brunswick. In spring 2020, at the University of New Brunswick (UNB). Miriam holds a Bachelor’s Degree that includes honors in Anthropology with a major in Classical Studies. 

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Her enthusiasm and commitment to the subject made her think that being an archaeologist was her goal. However, Miriam decided to pursue the field. Another possibility for his choice is the fact that she was located just a couple of hours from his home in Digby, Nova Scotia. 

Miriam’s archaeological adventures began during her second year at university in the year that Professor. She was asked to participate in archaeological investigations in Cuba by Aaron Taylor.

It was an excellent opportunity to get an insight into whether she’d be a fan of archeology. The good news is that she was happy, and that was only the beginning. On graduation day, Dr. Taylor invited her to join the History Channel documentary crew.

She accepted it because of the same link. A woman with a wide range of interests, Miriam is open to new experiences. 

When she first became interested in archeology, Miriam also found a fondness for forensics in her time at UNB. After appearing in The Curse of Oak Island, she was planning to pursue a degree in the field of forensics at Humber College in Toronto.

Are Miriam Amirault married to Alex Lagina?

People can’t keep guessing about Miriam’s love life, even though they don’t know anything about her personal life. We know that she’s not been married, but it’s not clear whether she’s engaged to any person or not. 

People who watched the show claimed they could feel a connection in the relationship between Miriam Amirault and Alex Lagina. However, nothing was said by either. This isn’t surprising considering that they both put their privacy first. 

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If you are a fan of Alex and Miriam, you could be unhappy. Multiple sources suggest the fact that Alex has a relationship with fashion bloggers as well as Instagram influencer Katherine Sneed.

The couple frequently post photos of their travels. Sneed posted a picture in 2020 on Instagram, wishing Alex an enjoyable birthday. The post was closed with a promise to meet him soon. For Miriam, she was a popular choice for viewers.

She’s attractive, and she’ll definitely draw an abundance of attention from potential admirers. Since documentaries have put her in the spotlight and exposed her private life, keeping it private could soon be an issue. 

Although she is single, she is an incredibly talented young lady. She would like to make her own mark in her professional life and gain as much knowledge as she can.

Who is Alex Lagina?

Alex Lagina stars in an unscripted TV series that is based on the famed Oak Island near Nova Scotia, Canada. There are several archaeologists in search of ancient treasures found on the island. The 10th season of The Curse of Oak Island premiered on November 2, 2021.

The show investigates some of the secrets surrounding Oak Island and searches for recently discovered treasures and antiques. Alex Lagina is not connected to Miriam Amirault, the Oak Island celebrity. People speculated that there were sparks in the relationship between Miriam and Alex. However, the speculations were false.

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