Who Is Olivia Rodrigo’s Ex-Boyfriend?

Everyone wants to know who broke Olivia Rodrigo and who Olivia Rodrigo’s ex is after her “driver’s licence” went viral.

Her presentation of the music video and the content of the song’s lyrics both suggest that it was inspired by real life.

Her dedicated following is desperate for answers about who broke their favourite musician’s heart.

Olivia has appeared on-screen before in High School Musical (The series), but she has never before gotten the level of acclaim she is currently enjoying for the song “drivers licence.”

The video for this song has been viewed 249,000,000 times.

She dropped a new single titled “Deja Vo” soon after she became successful.

More than 200 million people have watched her official song video.

Including all you need, Oliva Rodrigo is available. She’s great at making music, performing it, and acting it out, too.

After the publication of their driver’s licence, she gained a solid fan base.

She’s only 18, yet she’s already a media sensation and a financial powerhouse in her own right.

Pop-rock, pop, and teen pop are all genres that have been used to describe Olivia.

Olivia has stated that both Taylor Swift and Lorde are her musical heroes and influences.

Further, Rodrigo claimed to be Swift’s number one fan “in the whole globe.”

She also cites St. Vicent, Fiona Apple, and Cardi B as her inspirations.

Gwen Stefani’s success with No Doubt has been cited as an influence on her own songwriting.

Who Is Olivia Rodrigo’s Ex?

It was said that Olivia Rodrigo was dating her co-star from High School Musical, Joshua Bassett.

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The chemistry between Joshua and Olivia on television made this appear plausible.

However, in their opinion, it was completely irrelevant. They shared nothing more than a platonic friendship.

Many people have wondered if Olivia and Joshua share the same chemistry in real life as they do onscreen.

However, they insisted that it wasn’t true. However, many of their followers believe they were secretly dating.

The feelings they had for one another were genuine, and it was obvious that Olivia was head over heels for Joshua.

At the Black Lives Matter rally, Olivia and Joshua were also spotted together.

They supposedly dated in 2020 but broke up in early 2021.

After a short time, Joshua was spotted with another co-star, Sabrina Carpenter.

Sabrina and Joshua were observed engaging in an activity that is not often associated with couples: having lunch together.

That makes Olivia, Joshua, and Sabrina the triangle’s three participants.

Love Triangle Between Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua, and Sabrina Explained

Singles from all three of High School Musical’s original leads have started trickling out, and they’ve all been showing us that there’s bad blood between them.

And then Olivia uploaded a video to her account set to Taylor Swift’s “Are You Ready For It?” Olivia’s “driver’s licence” then made everyone want one.

Fans also claimed that Olivia revealed this information in an interview, saying that Joshua was the first passenger in a car with her outside of a parking lot.

That’s the subject of the song “Driver’s License,” by the way.

Whether or not she actually stated something along those lines is still up for debate.

However, Joshua and Sabrina have also begun releasing songs with lyrics that seem to be directed at a specific person.

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Because Joshua is drawn to all three, it’s as though there’s a simmering rivalry between them.

Two weeks after Olivia’s song was posted online, Joshua followed up with one of his own titled “Lie, Lie, Lie.”

He even claimed he created the song about dishonest pals.

He’s probably with the blond who always made me doubt,” the lyrics of “driver’s licence” seems to indicate, seemingly referring to Joshua and Sabrina.

The fact that Sabrina is blonde is not coincidental. But none is willing to admit that they were in a love triangle with the other two.

And through their artwork, they hope to publicly embarrass one another.

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