Who is Pedro “Pegy” Rosello & Where is he Now?

The six-part documentary series “Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami” on Netflix tells the true story of how two childhood friends went from dropping out of high school to running the most powerful drug empire in Florida.

Augusto “Willy” Falcon and Salvador “Sal” Magluta are said to have made more than $2 billion by bringing more than 75 tonnes of cocaine from Colombia into the United States over the course of 20 years.

During this time, they always had the support of their trusted crew, which included Pedro “Pegy” Rosello, who later turned. So, how about we find out more about him?

Who is Pedro “Pegy” Rosello?

Pedro “Pegy” Rosello always knew he didn’t want a normal job. As a child, he saw his father work hard for little pay, and he also saw the long-term effects of financial problems. So, when his sister started dating Willy’s brother, Gustavo “Taby” Falcon, he became part of the group.

At first, Pegy just cleaned their friends’ cars on the weekends and ended up making more than his father did in a month. Then, slowly, because of his persistence, he was asked to handle cash, keep books, and keep ledger accounts up to date.

Pegy did everything. He and Taby set up their drug business in the mid-1980s in Los Angeles, California, and he also took care of large drug loads on his own. So, by 1991, he was an important part of Sal and Willy’s organization.

Under one of his fake names, Luis Mendez, he was indicted in a federal case. At the time, Pegy was planning to get married to “Real Housewives of Miami” star Alexia Echevarria. But when he heard that agents were getting ready to catch him on the aisle, he and his partner put the wedding off and went into hiding.

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Where is Pedro “Pegy” Rosello Now?

Pedro “Pegy” Rosello tried to stay away from the police, but a few months later he was caught and charged with drug-related counts.

In order to stay out of jail for a long time, he agreed to help and told them where Sal was, which led them to Willy as well.

Pegy was then given bail for a year, which he and Alexia used to get married and have their son.

Pegy’s life was tried to be taken the night Pedro Jr. was born, but he lived because he chose to stay at the Palmetto General Hospital overnight.

As part of the case, Pegy was found guilty of trafficking cocaine and sent to prison for a few years. He broke up with Alexia in 1996, which was also the year he testified against Sal and Willy in their trial. Pegy’s life has been full of ups and downs since then.

In 2007, he was arrested again for sexually assaulting a child, for which he was given a 12-year prison sentence. Even though he got out of jail early, he is on record as a sex offender.

Also, he was caught in November 2017 at a red light with two kilos of cocaine in his car, which he said he planned to sell. So, Pegy was sent back to prison for a few years on drug charges, and that’s where he still is.

Today, at age 56, he is locked up at the low-security Federal Correctional Institution in Miami, where he is expected to stay until February 10, 2022, when he will be released.

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