Who Is Pickle on Swamp People? Is She Related to Troy Landry?

The French-Canadians who fled to the swamps of Louisiana in the 18th century are the focus of a History Channel documentary called “Swamp People.”

Documentary cameras follow the group as they attempt to maintain their traditional lifestyle in the face of Louisiana’s alligator hunting season.

Cheyenne Wheat, better known by his stage name Pickle Wheat, is a popular member of the ensemble.

So when she started talking about Troy Landry online, her followers naturally wondered if the two were related.

All right, we’ve got some solutions to offer.

Who Is Pickle on Swamp People?

Cheyenne Wheat or Pickle turned 26 in September 2021, but she’s been practicing gator hunting for much longer than that.

Her great-grandfather was one of the first gator hunters in the St. Bernard Parish area, so the tradition runs deep in her family.

Since then, the trade has been handed down through families; when Pickle’s turn came, she stepped up to the plate.

She has always enjoyed going on hunting trips with her father and has even learned to help out by making turkey and duck calls.

Pickle followed in the footsteps of her famous family by becoming a successful musician.

Pickle, one of the few female regulars on “Swamp People,” has won over viewers with her grit, determination, and skill.

She quickly became well-known for her gator-hunting skills and is now an important part of the local culture.

Seeing Pickle succeed so spectacularly in a field where men have historically held most of the top positions is a breath of fresh air, and it appears that she has many more major accomplishments ahead of her.

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Is Pickle Related to Troy Landry?

Some of Pickle’s followers thought she had switched teams when she started talking about Troy Landry on Twitter and Instagram.

People have speculated that Pickle and the famous gator hunter Troy are related.

Viewers should know that Pickle is not related to Troy Landry in any way, shape, or form.

She was instead seen with Chase Landry, Troy’s son, and consequently became close to Troy.

Even though Pickle and Chase were seen together on set during season 12 production, it appears that they have broken up now that her social media profiles all say that she is single.

Despite the rumored split between Pickle and Chase, it seems that he and Troy are still close.

Fans of the show enjoy their witty banter, but the memories Pickle shares on social media are even more endearing and wholesome, and we hope their friendship lasts forever.

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