Who Is Shane Justin? Why Is He Famous?

A lot of you be familiar with the Instagram account post by Baddie Lira Galore or rappers such as Fabolous dressed in jewels as they appear on the scene. Also, you must have seen Trina wearing her Blue leather dress and her quatted beneath may be the most beautiful chick. 

You must also have seen the rapper KashDoll wearing a lace-up dress. Perhaps you’ve wondered what the source of these gorgeous dresses originated? Who is the person who created these gowns? The designer of these dresses is Shane Justin. 

The creator of the renowned Shane Justin collection. He is also the designer behind DareTo Be Vintage. The focus is on glamour and Glitz in the clothes he designs.

He is well-known for his recreation of gowns based on designs of famous designers. He specializes in creating prom dresses. He also is able to make a dress for women and men for any occasion. 

Justin hails born in South Florida and studied at Florida A&M University. After completing a semester at the university, he realized that college was not the place he would like to be. He decided instead to become a fashion designer. 

Shane Justin’s collection has numerous styles starting at just 65 dollars. Plus, this is a high-quality product. This has attracted lots of their existing clients.

How did Dare To Be Vintage Started?

Dare To Be Vintage is a company Dare To Be Vintage or more popularly known as Shane Justin Collection. Shane Justin Collection is all about Glitz and Glam. The clothes are worn by numerous well-known rappers and online celebrities. 

In an interview with TalkBack featuring Vickii J. This is a program hosted created by Victoria R. Johnson who is a multi-skilled journalist as well as a lifestyle Vlogger who hails from Pompano Beach, Florida. He said that he was born in South Florida and went to Florida A&M University. He left after just one semester. 

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Justin was then able to identify his passion for designing and began his own design career. The first step was to destress and create different denim styles. Justin believes that you need to remain true to your heart and be aware of what you want to do in life. Justin discovered that his calling was to be in the field of design.

Then he went to Walmart and bought an expensive sewing machine for 100 dollars. This was where his adventure of creating began. He then practiced his craft to perfection and was able to be a star in his work. 

Shane Justin started to buy vintage clothes, then alter them slightly and then sell the items. That’s where Shane Justin’s name for the company is derived out of Dare To Be Vintage. 

In an interview with Vicky J. Shane also stated that it was difficult to manage his first store because it was his first major purchase, and also a large possession was his.

He was able to do it, and in the six years that the company has been in existence, it has grown and more. It has increased from one store to two. Numerous celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Blac Chyna, and Cardi B have been seen wearing his designs. 

His dream doesn’t stop there. He is planning to launch a Dare To Be Vintage store in LA, Dubai, and all other major cities and nations around the world. He currently has three shops one of which is in Brooklyn and the NYC location, one at Fort Laundre, Fort Laundre location, and one in the Atlanta Location.

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A few of the best things to purchase in Shane Justin Collection

Shane Justin owns four Instagram accounts. Two of them are brand accounts, the other has an account and one is a personal account. It also has 1.1 million fans. This boosts the number of sales. 

What do you think are some Shane Justin dresses that one must have in their wardrobe? The first one is Trenches, which are cream-colored coat that costs around 130 dollars. 

The second is an Angelic Blazer dress. It’s a blue floral print coat-style dress priced at just 185 dollars. Another option that is worthy of being included in one’s wardrobe includes the Latex coat that is available in two different colors Black and blue at 110 dollars. 

For men’s clothing and the Boss Moves men’s collection is an excellent option. It’s also available in two different colors Black and Cream and is priced at about 120 dollars.

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