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Who was Audrey Trudeau’s murderer? Where’s Deborah Point?

Community members were shocked and perplexed by the brutal murder of Audrey Trudeau and wanted to know how Deborah Point could be so heartless. When the incident occurred, Point was living in Audrey’s room.

Eventually, she was apprehended and sentenced to prison.

The terrible story of the two roommates is told in the episode “Boxes and Bloodshed” of the Investigation Discovery show “Fear Thy Roommate.”

In order to better grasp the situation, we did our own research. The facts are as follows.

Who Killed Audrey Trudeau?

Because she was always there to lend a hand, Audrey Trudeau had a lot of close friends.

There, in Calgary, Alberta, she was a physiotherapist at a hospital.

As a longtime friend of Audrey’s, Deborah Point had recently experienced financial difficulties. When Point had nowhere to stay, Audrey took him in.

But in February of 1999, not long after Deborah became her roommate, Audrey vanished.

Five months later, in July of 1999, her dismembered body was discovered in a garage in the southwest, wrapped in trash bags and placed inside cardboard boxes.

Before her body parts were separated and packed into the cardboard boxes, Audrey had been stabbed 15 times in the back of the skull with an ax-like instrument.

One box had Audrey’s skull and torso, another her chopped limbs, and a third her blood-soaked bedspread from her condo, where the police say she was murdered.

After the body was found, Audrey’s roommate Deborah Point was arrested and charged with her murder.

A point apparently continued her everyday life while lying to Audrey’s friends and family about Audrey’s whereabouts after learning where Audrey was.

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On February 25, 1999, Audrey was last seen alive. Later that month, she intended to uproot and take a job in Ontario.

Audrey had told her friends that she was going to take her new roommate Deborah with her when she moved, but she changed her mind when she found out that Deborah had been stealing money from her.

Deborah is suspected of killing her roommate Audrey after an argument between the two of them.

Where Is Deborah Point Now?

In the month that Audrey Trudeau went missing, the police found about eleven checks made out to Deborah Point that was written on her account.

However, all of these checks were fakes. The fake signatures on these checks were found by putting them through many different tests.

The tests were done by a handwriting and document expert who said that the checks were all made by the same person. All of the checks added up to about $5,000.

Two tellers at Point’s credit union also said that Point was a regular customer who had signed off on six of the checks. Deborah finally admitted to forging the checks during her trial.

She said she did it to help pay for her serious video lottery terminal addiction (to which she had lost a significant sum).

At one point in the trial, Deborah said that she and Audrey had been in a relationship, but other witnesses argued with her.

During her trial, Point always said she wasn’t guilty of the murder. In 2000, Deborah Point was found guilty of killing Audrey Trudeau in the second degree.

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A judge gave her a sentence of life in prison without parole for at least 20 years.

The judge said that her crime was “sad.” In 2014, Deborah Point started to use a “frail-hope” clause to try to get out of jail early. At the time, the Trudeau family got very angry when they heard about the request.

“Right now, my stomach is so tight that it feels like it was yesterday. Sheila Chiappetta, Trudeau’s younger sister, said, “She can stay in (prison) for as long as she wants because Audrey will never get out.”

In 2016, Point’s lawyer told the judge that Point had been a good prisoner and should be released early because of this.

The Crown prosecutors, on the other hand, said that Point had refused to admit to killing Audrey Trudeau.

This made a lot of her “accomplishments” at the Edmonton Institution for Women in Alberta seem less important.

In the end, Alberta’s Chief Justice denied her request for a “faint-hope” hearing, which could have helped her get out of jail early.

In 2017, she was given an escorted visit, which made Audrey Trudeau’s family members, who were also at the hearing, worry that this could lead to a lot more visits like this. In 2019, she became able to ask for full parole.

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