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Who Was Taylor Hurt? How Did She Die?

Food Network’s “Chopped” is a reality cooking competition in which chefs compete to create the best dish possible using a basket of mystery ingredients and a $10,000 prize.

Taylor Hurt, a former contestant on the show, wowed the country with her enthusiasm and innovative dishes.

A title card at the end of a recent episode dedicated it to her “loving memory,” making it clear that Taylor Hurt had recently passed away.

Even though we’re saddened by the news, we can’t help but be curious as to what happened. Put your curiosity to the test and find out!

Who Was Taylor Hurt?

In her 30s, Taylor Hurt appeared to be living the life she had always imagined.

She moved to Brooklyn, New York, from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, where she had been employed as a sous chef at the Birdhouse Café and Cotton Blues.

The modern Italian tavern LaRina Pastificio and Vino is famous for their handmade pasta, cocktails, and beer, and she used her expertise in the city to work there.

Taylor had even developed her own original recipes to the point where they were included in her best-selling Be Nourished cookbook.

Her years of experience in the New York City restaurant industry spoke to her motivation.

Taylor was on Chopped, but she didn’t come out on top. Still, her delectable three-course meals and impeccable presentation won over the food world.

Sadly, her productive life was cut short on November 29, 2020.

According to her obituary, her lifelong ambition was to become the host of a popular cooking show. Gary and Luvith Hurt, Del Sanders, Kay Cameron, and Taylor’s sister, Vivian, will miss her deeply.

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Her ex-girlfriend, Paige Pirtle, remembers and misses her to this day.

How Did Taylor Hurt Die?

No one has commented publicly on the circumstances surrounding Taylor Hurt’s death, including her family or partner.

Many people didn’t believe she was dead until they saw the cooking show.

Some fans wondered why Taylor had gone silent on social media, but they could never have guessed that she was dead.

Her final Instagram post was published on November 19, 2020, exactly ten days before her untimely death.

Both her career and her cookbook “Be Nourished” by Chef Katie Dixon benefit from the publicity.

All this being said, Brandi Emmons Lott recently posted a status update on Facebook that hinted that Taylor may have developed an addiction.

Her caption read, “Getting to see you again, Taylor M. Hurt, was a blessing. You represented yourself on Chopped with such assurance; you have my admiration.

Substance abuse is a terrible, terrible robber.

Big Tater, you have our hearts! Brandi appears to be a native Mississippian as well, though we have no way of knowing if she personally knew Taylor or was involved in the events at all.

As a result, we can only speculate until Taylor’s family makes an official statement, if ever.

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