Who will be the Next Jaw Titan? Falco or Galliard?

With the launch of Attack on Titan: Final Season The Jaw Titan, popularly known as the Nutcracker Titan, is finally receiving the recognition it’s always merited. Sorry, Ymir. However, the degree of development Porco has improved its Jaw Titan makes its previous versions look like chickens. 

The latest Jaw Titan is larger, more powerful, faster, and stronger than the Jaw Titan which we saw in the initial two seasons. It appears that, in contrast to Colossal Titan, the powers of Jaw Titan depend a lot on the user’s level of experience. 

The truth is, Porco was a highly trained Marleyan soldier, so his Titan appearance had to be superior to Ymir’s. However, the difference in power is so large that fans have come up with mystic theories about Jaw Titan’s unusuality in the traits that he acquired after inheriting.

This leads me to think about whether this pattern will persist when it comes to the Jaw Titan being passed on to someone else in the near future. Who is the next owner of this Jaw Titan? What unique abilities will it demonstrate? We have everything you need to be aware of regarding Jaw Titan.

How is Porco’s Titan Different from Yimir’s?

It is believed that the Jaw Titan was often considered the weakest of all the legendary Titans. And why wouldn’t the Jaw Titan be? It nearly died fighting an entire titan group just after Ymir’s admission as a Titan shifter. 

It isn’t able to function as a tank, like its Armored Titan counterpart, nor can it be equipped with arms similar to its counterpart, the Cart Titan. In addition, she was stupid enough to join Reiner and Bertolt in order to be devoured by Porco.

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In reality, it was Porco Galliard who took this unpopular Titan to a completely new height and thus earned back its admiration. The claws and jaws of the Titan can penetrate the most robust titan armor, which includes the final layer of defense that protects it.

Titan of War HammerThe titan from Porco also featured an additional mask with a hardened coating and jaw plating that could stand up to explosions and heavy gunfire.

Who Will Inherit the Jaw Titan? Why is that?

Falco will inherit his Jaw Titan from Porco because of the unavoidable situations Zeke will inflict on him. The initial part of Attack on Titan: Final Season concluded with Flaco being struck by Niccolo and the extracts of Zeke’s spinal fluid entering his bloodstream. 

It’s only a matter of time before Falco transforms into the pure Titan who is bound by Zeke’s instructions like a mindless robot. When a person is transformed into one of the titans, there’s only one option left: give him one of the nine titan shifters in order to ensure his survival. 

The manga depicts Marleyan forces forcing Zeke until he reached the point at which it was necessary to turn all in his path into titans in order to alter the course of the war. He didn’t begrudge Falco’s presence. 

In the meantime, Porco was already semi-dead after a fight with Eren. He voluntarily accepted being devoured by Falco in order to transfer all his strength to the teenage Warrior candidate. I believe that Marco’s memory provided him with the final push to make the self-sacrifice.

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Falco’s First Titan Transformation

Unwillingly disregarding Pieck’s warnings, Falco chose to change into Jaw Titan in hopes of making the most of this power to defeat the Yeagerists. But it didn’t go as expected as Falco fell out of control and came after his friends instead. 

In fact, Falco could have even killed Pieck in the event that the commander, Magath, wasn’t able to come to his rescue in time. This incident is the reason why only the most skilled warriors are selected as titan shifters. Being physically and mentally tough is the primary requirement to get the titan’s power.

What’s so Special about Falco’s Jaw Titan?

The Falco’s Jaw Titan is so distinctive that it is difficult to recognize that it is the Jaw Titan. Because of a significant quantity of the spinal fluid from Zeke that was in Falco’s bloodstream, he was able to inherit some of the characteristics as well as the memory of Beast Titan, thereby turning his Jaw Titan into a more advanced creature.

He begins to remember in the same way that a previous inheritor of Beast Titan begins to remember. Beast Titan could fly in the sky. This proves that the strength of Beast Titan isn’t restricted to the size of an ape. 

I believe that the people who inherit Beast Titan can transform into any animal that fits their character. For instance, Zeke grew up playing catch with Ksaver and transformed into a beast that is skilled at throwing stones at enemies.

Do you remember the opening sequence of Attack on Titan Season 4 in which Falco was looking at a bird soaring high in the sky and was on the brink of losing consciousness? It was a surprise to us that the bird would change in one day. Despite how crazy it may sound, Falco’s Jaw Titan was able to create wings, allowing the Titan to fly.

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Final Thoughts

There are a lot of people who have consumed Zeke’s spinal fluid. But what makes Falco the only person able to inherit the characteristics as well as the memories associated with Beast Titan? It could be because Zeke’s spinal fluid had been directly exposed to the blood of Falco, in contrast to other people who consumed it.

However, the idea isn’t quite right as there’s only a one-in-a-million chance of acquiring the abilities and memories of a titan by taking the traces of spinal fluid. If this were the situation, Marley could have easily constructed the army of an Armored Titan with Reiner’s spinal fluid. 

There’s only one possibility: that a reincarnation of the Jaw Titan (or any other famous titan) is the most important factor in determining the capabilities and characteristics of other titans with traces in their spinal fluid. 

There’s no way to determine whether this theory is true or not, and since the Attack on Titan manga officially ends this year, I’m not sure that we’ll ever have the chance to discover all the mysteries surrounding the titans.

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