Why Did Ryuk Kill Light? Death Note Ending Explained!

Many manga fans claim that “Death Note” was their first series. Naturally, the series is breathtaking and causes one to rethink and reconsider everything the universe has taught us about the difference between good and evil.

The two geniuses of the show have kept us entertained with their inventive chase between cats and mice. What made us more entertained as Ryuk the Shinigami, who dropped his suicide notice in search of an adventure.

But Ryuk, as much as he can be comic relief, is a mystery. As we watch him eat apples and participate in Light’s plans, he winds up doing something that nobody else could do: killing Light. The incident raises a number of questions. He could have taken the death note following his arrest, but why did Ryuk murder Light? What did he want to gain?

Death Note isn’t just a boring psychological drama or a typical Shounen story. It’s a well-constructed work by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. “Well-plotted” may sound like an understatement. Each character is created with the intention of making a point.

They tell the truth plainly and without smudges. No matter if they’re either a hero or villain, their words are something that you cannot negate without difficulty. There is a deep significance to the series that has a profound impact on anyone who sees it. It’s an anime that inspires people to consider it. It’s a puzzle.

Why did Ryuk kill Light?

The answer is here. An explanation of the connection that binds Ryuk and Light and a solution to your query

Ryuk and Light A Review

Before we can answer the questions of why Ryuk killed Light and why he killed Light, we must first look at Ryuk’s character. Ohba and Obata’s characters aren’t simply “there”. Each character holds a unique place in the story that is not fulfilled by a different character.

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This is what makes Ryuk one of the most crucial elements in Death Note, without whom the whole plot wouldn’t be able to exist. If it weren’t for Ryuk, Light would not have found The Death Note.

It is worth noting that at the beginning of the storyline, it’s not just the existence of any Shinigami but the existence of Ryuk. He tosses his death note, declaring himself bored. In this way, the Shinigami was similar to light while ignoring the intellect. Even in the crowd, they were unable to discover anything of interest.

Their relationship with Ryuk and Despite this, they make wonderful companions for travelers. Light was a pleasure to be around for Ryuk. But, despite this, they are fantastic companions. Ryuk enjoyed Light’s company. Maybe enjoyment is the wrong word, as he actually was entertained by the show.

Sometimes Ryuk seems to be the most likable friend in any anime that adds humor to the main character’s life. But it’s not intended to be misinterpreted as a serious relationship. The fundamental idea that Ryuk was bored throughout has not changed, nor does the fact that Light was just a means to have fun.

Perhaps since Light was able to perceive this, he was never terrified of a Shinigami in the first place. Sure, he was bored, but the reason for his actions was much more complex than the simple ‘because I’m bored. Their relationship was entertainment, entertainment, and nothing more or less.

What is the reason Ryuk Killed Light?

Now that we know the connection that exists between Ryuk and Light Things, it is more clear. However, the question remains. What exactly was it that caused Ryuk to murder Light? He could have let Light die in prison. Did he truly feel sorry for Light?

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Did it really matter to do something extra? In truth, it was never a requirement for either character to do any of the things they did in the story. However, that’s exactly the purpose of Death Note, which is irony.

At the end of the story, Light walks down the path of madness after playing God. He’s stuck by Near and is dragged into an unforgiving corner. It’s possible to go on and on about the end of Light, but this isn’t about Light in the same way as it’s about Ryuk.

A lot of fans view this as pity for Ryuk’s side toward Light. Wrong. Ryuk definitely loved light, but there was no care or concern for light in Ryuk. Being the only light in jail wasn’t going to be a good idea for Ryuk. Shinigami are immortal, and Ryuk was too.

He’d previously said that the person who would create Light’s name would be Ryuk. The wait would get boring, so Light decides to end the life of Light at the moment when all the fun has become dull.

Although I am a huge fan of Death Note and its ending, I’m also of the opinion that Ryuk’s final blows were cold. The Shinigami is, at the very least, an incarnation of the God of Death at the end of the day.

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