Why left Danielle Colby American Pickers? Where is she?

“American Pickers” is a great show for people who like history and antiques. It follows Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they look for rare and hidden antiques all over the United States. There are a lot of abandoned antiques that would be worth a lot of money if they were fixed up. So, the team is on a mission to find beautiful historical artifacts by digging in the strangest places.

In addition to Mike and Frank, the show has Danielle Colby, who is also very good. Danielle is known as the “Queen of Rust” because she knows so much about old things. She also runs Mike’s business, Antique Archaeology. Fans were worried when rumors started going around that Danielle might leave the business and the show, because she was an important part of both. Let’s look into the assumptions and see if they are true, shall we?

Why Did Danielle Colby Leave American Pickers?

Sources say that Danielle and Mike have known each other for a long time and that it was Mike who brought Danielle on the show and gave her the job she has now. So, even though Danielle has said many times that she would rather do something else, she has stayed on “American Pickers” out of respect for her friends. Danielle is also very important to the success of the show because she is the force that keeps the business and the two antique hunters in check.

But since production stopped because of the Covid-19 lockdown, “American Pickers” has been having a hard time. The show kept showing old episodes over and over again, and fans were crushed when Frank Fritz left for good. Sources say that Frank and Mike got into a fight and didn’t talk to each other for a long time. He has also been sober for a long time and has had health problems, both of which have made it hard for him to work.

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Danielle defended Mike when she talked about how she felt about Frank leaving. She said, “I wish things could have been different, but we have to take responsibility for our actions when they cause instability or pain and suffering for other people.” Frank put himself through so much pain that it’s been hard to watch.” She even hoped that Frank would get the help he needed, and she told Mike that she was looking forward to more antique hunting with him.

Even though there have been many rumours that Danielle is leaving the show, recent events seem to indicate that she is not. First of all, neither Danielle nor the network has said anything official about her leaving. In addition, Danielle said in an Instagram post that she was looking forward to working with Mike Wolfe in the future. Also, her Instagram posts from August 2021 look like she is working on the show right now. People should also notice that her social media handles still have the “American Picker” tag, which proves that she was on “American Pickers.”

Where Is Danielle Colby Now?

Sources say that Danielle is now in Puerto Rico, where she has been speaking out against human trafficking and helping to bring attention to the issue. She also helps rebuild the island and pays a lot of attention to orphanages and animal shelters in the country. Danielle loves to dance and collects old dresses. While she is in Puerto Rico, she is enjoying her hobbies and having a good time. So, it looks like Danielle has taken a break from Antique Archaeology for now, but there are signs that she will be back on TV soon.

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