Will Eren Yeager Die In Attack On Titan?

Will Eren Yeager die in Attack on Titan? What was the reason he decided in activating Rumbling? Attack on Titan is created and written by Hajime Isayama. It is finally coming to a final conclusion after 8 years. Eren Yeager plays the primary character in the series.

He is the leader of the three formidable titans The Founder’s Titan, Attack titan, and Warhammer titan. Because Eren isn’t Royal blood, he was in a state of mind that was haunted by the memory of his father’s and Ymir’s ghost. 

To be able to command the full power of the Founding Titan Eren needs to be in contact with someone with royal blood. His half-brother Zeke Yeager was royal blood. Even though he was of royal blood, Zeke Yeager did not have to adhere to the pledge to end the war. 

In contrast to Eren, Zeke had a dark plan to accomplish, and to accomplish it he required the powers of the Founding Titan.

As we’ve seen from the start of the series Eren is deeply concerned about his family and friends. He will go to any measures to protect them. He will even eliminate all of the world’s population, too.

This might sound like an exaggeration to some, but to Eren is nothing but a fact in the sense of protecting his family members. Mikasa is deeply grateful to Eren for saving her life while they were children. 

It is also possible to go as that they claim Mikasa has a love affair with Eren and that’s not untrue. Mikasa was recruited into the Survey Corps for the sole goal of taking care of Eren. So, Will Eren Yeager die in Attack of Titan?

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Will Eren Yeager die in Attack on Titan?

For your inquiry, the answer is yes Eren Yeager is going to die during Attack of Titan. Eren Yeager’s passing is sure to be one of the most painful deaths in all the anime. He has activated Rumbling as Eren has seen many individuals lose their lives due to wrongs they didn’t commit. 

Eren always felt the need to safeguard himself and his family from the terrors that the world has to offer, which he witnessed firsthand when he first steps into Marley. He lost many of his fellow soldiers who struggled for their lives and died without knowing what lies beyond the forest that covers Paradis Island never knowing that there was an ocean that separated them from the world outside. 

The demise of the Levi squad that protected Eren was the most painful event. Eren eventually realized that he could not accept their deaths as a matter of course and it’s his responsibility to ensure that their sacrifices are worth something.

Additionally, the sacrifices that Kruger made for his dad and Kruger’s mysterious phrases of protecting Mikasa and Armin’s security were imprinted in Eren’s mind. Eren was adamant about Zeke’s plan because it was against everything he believed in and never in any way Eren was going to agree with it. Even if it meant the plan required him to erase the world in order to keep his family and Paradis secure, he was prepared to do it. Then Rumbling enters the picture.

Eren executes his plan to carry out mass genocide. His friends unaware of his intentions join forces with Marley to end the threat to Eren for the good of humanity. It was a mission that only Ackermans would be able to complete, Levi was injured that leaving Mikasa to execute Eren’s demise. Although it was painful to her to put the end of the existence of her beloved friend and cherish it with her whole heart, she decided to take on the task.

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How does Eren die?

It was a lot of pain for her to end in the lives of the person she loved to death with her whole heart, she decided to make the decision. Mikasa killing Eren holds great significance. 

The decision she makes to do the right thing, even when it means taking down Eren will make Ymir free and put an end to the titans’ power. She decides on taking down Eren when he informs her that there’s no other choice in the path. 

Eren wants Mikasa to remove the scarf and let him go when she has finished her vision. Mikasa is not interested and shakes her head and says “Never” before waking up and cutting his head. Mikasa and Ymir were both lovers who were slaves to their passions.

Ymir’s passion for Karl Fritz kept her bind to him for a long time, and until her death. Mikasa was following the same path as her with Eren. Mikasa ultimately made the choice to leave the world in favor of her love and set herself along with Ymir free.

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