Will Tetta Kisaki Die In Tokyo Revengers?

Tokyo Revengers is an action or science fiction manga that has been turned into an anime that keeps the viewer on their toes. The readers and viewers do not have a choice in the many surprises Ken Wakui has in store throughout the entire series. 

The manga has sent readers on a rollercoaster of emotions since the publication of the very first chapter. After the manga reached a number of significant arcs, the fans were getting very anxious about certain legitimate concerns.

Tokyo Revenger, which is not unfamiliar with the tales of some truly chilling incidents that have been blamed on one individual, The person who orchestrated the plot is not a person other than Kisaki Tetta. 

Tetta is an ingenious, manipulative madman who should be put in jail, at minimum. After reading the article, you’ll definitely agree with our belief that this could be the most understated story this year.

The main issue is whether Kisaki Tetta will pay the price for his deeds. Was Takemichi successful in salvaging Hinata and putting an end to the schemes of Kisaki? Do you think Kisaki Tetta will be killed in the comic? We are aware that the answers to this question can be quite complex, but do not worry as we’ve provided everything you need to know in this post. Tokyo Revenger fans!

Does Tetta Kisaki Die?

The answer can be yes. Kisaki died during the story of the Tokyo Revengers. Tetta Kisaki passes away in Chapter 185, entitled “Meet His Fate,” during the Tenjiku Arc in the manga series. Tetta Ksiaki was tragically killed after being struck by a car. 

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The question that comes to mind is: what caused this incident to occur? Let’s start with an explanation that goes back about three chapters earlier. In particular, in chapter 183, Kisaki holds Takemichi in a gunfight and provides a bizarre reason for his actions.

He tells Takemichi that he killed Hinata often and repeatedly throughout the various timelines, simply because she refused his offer as well as his declaration of affection. Kisaki recalls his youth, where Kisaki informs Tekemichi that he was deeply in love with Hinata due to her warm nature. 

Kisaki had been attracted to Hinata for many years because she was his only girl who was considerate of his classmates, but when Hinata fell in love with Takemichi, Kisaki was unable to cope.

He was furious with Takemichi because he believed Hinata was a prize that was his and was taken by Takemichi. Therefore, he devised all of his evil schemes to win Hinata. While Kisaki is distraught by his emotions, Takemichi is able to knock the gun out of the latter’s hand. 

Takemichi decides to take out Kisaki using the gun after he realises that Hinata can only live considering the fact that Kisaki died. In the midst of Takemichi advising Kisaki to die, Mikey and Hinata arrive on the scene. 

Kisaki finds a way to win Takemichi’s confusion and decides to run away. As he runs away, he declares that he’ll just restart the process and promises to never let Hinata disappear.

Takemichi chases him and yells that he will not allow Kisaki time travel and that he will not let Kisaki be able to escape his deeds. When Kisaki is aware of the statement, he stops his run and sits in the crossing, and asks Takemichi if he truly believes he’s a time-traveler. 

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Takemichi is stunned by the question. However, before he is able to inquire with Kisaki to clarify his position, an accident occurs between a truck and Kisaki, causing him to be injured. 

When he is lying in the middle of the road and refuses to admit defeat, he tries to get up; however, his body is twisted and doesn’t allow him to move as far. He cries in pain and despair and says that he would really want to be dead. 

Mikey and Hinata run towards the streets just when Kisaki’s body becomes dead and cold. It is the Kanto Incident that finally comes to an end with the demise of the villainous Kisaki Tetta.

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