“Your Honour”, Episode 8, Recap and Ending, Explained

This episode of “Your Honor” focuses on what happens to Carlo Baxter and showcases how Michael must be careful in certain areas to ensure that he doesn’t raise suspicions about his involvement and ties to Jimmy Baxter. 

More importantly, it creates an entertaining story because of its simplicity and honesty. In addition, the show’s primary protagonists, Bryan Cranston and Michael Stuhlbarg, have a powerful tension that keeps you on the edge of your seat. If you’d like to know more about the story in Episode 8, we’ve been there for you. Spoilers ahead

 Your Honor Episode 8 Recap

In a conversation with Michael, Sara states that she believes she’s been made to appear by corrupt individuals who do not want her to be the judge at the trial of Carlo. To keep her position and avoid being arrested, she’ll need to undergo rehab too. 

The video of her arrest has been viewed by millions of people. Due to the virus, Michael has also restricted the number of people in his courtroom to family members as well as legal entities. In the trial, Carlo Baxter starts. 

The prosecutor begins with a strong note. They play the audio recording in which Jimmy advises his son of the possibility of his arrest. However, Michael does not include the message in the evidence.

The image painted by an attorney, Fiona McKee, however, depicts someone who is racist and aggressive, with a criminal record. Contrary to this, Carlo’s lawyer says the client was protecting himself against the brothers’ “killer,” Kofi. 

On the other hand, the town’s Lee worries about Eugene and is determined to aid him in securing his future. However, he is living in survival mode and is extremely committed to Little Mo. 

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Adam encounters Frannie and informs her that the school he applied to was not NYU. But then, Michael goes home and discovers that Adam has actually been accepted to the university.

Michael brings everyone together for a celebration dinner. In the restaurant, Jimmy takes a stand with Michael (in an intimate manner), asking him to explain why the victim of Carlo’s trial was allowed to testify in the courtroom. 

The gangster is obviously concerned about the possibility that his child is being portrayed as an obnoxious racist. The judge, however, affirms that he has some tricks in his bag. 

Jimmy provides him with a number and instructs Michael to contact him once the judge has made his decision. The gangster also offers Michael an appointment time that is 10.30 a.m. the next day.

At the meal, everyone is thrilled that Adam has been accepted to NYU. However, the teen thinks twice and declares that he would like to go on a gap year and then stay in New Orleans. 

When he hears the news, Michael goes to Frannie and believes that Adam’s teacher can help him understand. (Obviously, the teacher is not aware of Michael Michael’s fact that Adam has been lying to Frannie about the whole ordeal). The teacher later observes Adam together with Fia. 

Your Honor Episode 8 Ending: What Will be Michael’s Next Move?

The trial is continuing, as a doctor is able to testify in addition. He claims that Kofi’s head was smashed through the brick wall at least six times. Evidently, the prosecution has crafted an impressive case and has been able to portray Carlo Baxter as the criminal who he is in reality.

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Michael must therefore change one juror and reassure her that “Carlo Baxter is going down” in order to win the jury. It shouldn’t be too surprising since we’ve witnessed Michael go over the top in order to safeguard his son.

Michael Stuhlbarg as Jimmy Baxter in YOUR HONOR, “Part Two”. Photo Credit: Skip Bolen/SHOWTIME.

Episode 8 is a complete shambles. There’s no plot twist or a surprising plan to implement. Everything is stripped down to its essence, which includes the system of criminal justice. 

In a lengthy speech, Michael states to the jury that they’re responsible for the demise of Carlo Baxter and that Michael isn’t as important to the whole process as one might think. In front of Jimmy, the judge states that he’ll begin by earning the trust of the jury and then gradually alter their opinions.

Michael says that he has the advantage and is only required to perform a couple of actions in order to give Carlo the freedom he deserves. Since Jimmy has set him an ultimatum, the judge is now facing greater pressure than ever before. 

However, it’s also evident that Michael is prone to doing so in a way that is effective under pressure. In Episode 8, the juror is an obstacle to his plan, so Michael simply takes her away while “following due process.” We are all aware that his main issue at the moment is Fiona McKee, the prosecution chief. Fiona McKee:

Fiona is a tough, confident, capable woman who believes that Carlo is the one to blame and is determined to see him punished. At one point during her trial, she says that she feels emotionally connected to the case and believes that nobody deserves to suffer the fate Kofi has endured. 

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She not only has evidence that suggests Carlo and Kofi, but she is shrewd and trusts her words, which might convince the jury towards her side. We know what could happen to the judge in the event that Carlo is found to be guilty.

Michael is caught in a bind situation as he has the ability to oppose the actions of the prosecutor repeatedly before they’re thought to be suspect. If he fails to discover a way to alter the story, Carlo will be imprisoned in the event of Kofi’s murder. 

We believe that Michael is likely to have Fiona taken off the investigation. Based on his past, it is safe to suppose that the judge would find out some information about the prosecutor and make sure that she is not allowed to return to his courtroom.

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