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Yvonne Layne Murder: Where is Joe Wilkes Now?

Investigation Discovery’s “Reasonable Doubt: Cult of David” delves into the controversial case of Yvonne’s murder in the month of March. It is believed that the city of Alliance, Ohio, was at the heart of the murder investigation.

The truth is being challenged by experts throughout the years. The case was based on evidence provided by one individual, Joe Wilkes, who claimed to have been commissioned to murder Yvonne by David Thorne, an ex-boyfriend. We’ll find out more about the case. Let’s get started, shall we?

How Did Yvonne Layne Die?

Yvonne Lane was 26 years old. The loving mother resided in Alliance and had five kids. Sometimes, she was assisted by the mother of her children, Tawnia Layne. On April 1, 1999, Tawnia visited early in the morning to bring one of her grandsons, 6-year-old Preston, to school. 

What she saw inside the home was shocking. Her daughter was dead, sitting on the ground, covered in blood, with her throat cut. Tawnia was quick to go to a neighbor’s house to notify the police. 

There was plenty of blood on the scene of the incident, and the children were still in the home at the time Tawnia discovered Yvonne. Investigators believe that Yvonne’s neck was cut when she was facing the glass doors of the room before she was brought into the living room, which was where she was discovered with her face on the floor. 

There was a TV lying on her body, likely giving the impression that there was a fight. However, the TV was not responsible for any injuries. The blood spots were on the mattress, where the weapon used in the murder was also wiped away.

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Who was the killer of Yvonne Layne?

Although the scene of the crime was large, there wasn’t much evidence the killer left his footprints. The police were able to take two partial fingerprints that were bloody, but that’s the only evidence. 

There were no fingerprints at the scene or any other physical evidence that could help the authorities determine who was responsible for the murder. Detectives began studying Yvonne’s background and discovered that she had submitted a request to pay child support in the name of one of her kids, Brandon. 

The father was a former boyfriend of hers, David Thorne. In the meantime, detectives found out that he had not paid his dues. David was questioned by police, but he had an unshakeable alibi that was quickly shifting him to the bottom of the suspect list. 

After further investigation, police discovered the identity of a man called Joe Wilkes. The couple who were involved, Rose Mohr and Chris Campbell, reported to police that they spoke to Joe in a local mall on March 31, the day prior to the time that the body was discovered. 

As per Rose, Joe told them that he was part of an alliance to murder one woman and that the man who was hired by the killer. However, Chris was able to recall that Joe stated that his girlfriend, Wilkes’ girlfriend, had contacted him about committing the murder. 

Joe had also purchased an instrument at an area store and then showed it to the police. In July 1999, police were investigating Joe, who admitted to murdering Yvonne. The 18-year-old confessed that David did not want to continue paying child support and wanted complete control over Brandon. 

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Joe informed the police that David was the one who planned everything and offered $300 to kill Yvonne. Joe said the fact that David is the person who provided him with money to purchase an instrument and gloves is enough.

Joe stated that he had thrown the knife into a nearby sewer. The police were able to find a knife, but it was wiped clean off, and therefore there was no evidence that linked any person to the incident. 

The man also said that after killing Yvonne on March 31st, David picked him up the next day and drove to his friend’s house. In the house, he dumped his clothes in the woods nearby but was unable to inform the police what had happened to his shoes or shirt.

Where is Joe Wilkes Now?

part of a plea deal, which would see him sentenced to prison for the rest of his life with potential parole in 30 years, Joe was willing to be a witness against David. He was convicted of the charge of aggravated murder. 

The trial was held in January 2000 with Joe as the prosecution’s main witness, which led to David’s conviction for the murder. Although he testified at the court, Joe came back to his testimony afterward. 

He is currently in prison at Marion Correctional Institution. Marion Correctional Institution is located in Marion County, Ohio. Joe is eligible for parole in 2029.

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